Herein is Faith

It is somewhat with a feeling of fear and trembling that I write this article on Faith.  Not that I am afraid of what men are going to say about it, but the Whom whom we love and serve must be glorified.  I hope it may be seen through this article that Salvation is by Grace through Faith as the work of God through Faith that does not only become the Victory sometime in the future, but Faith that is the Victory even now, that overcometh the world.  There is a world of sin and iniquity that rises up as the mountains round about us, that reaches to the very throne of God.  You cannot just climb over this mountain of sin, for God stands ever before us.  Nor can we escape from Him, for He is everywhere present, we live and move in Him.  He is in heaven, but also in hell.

Faith is the victory that overcometh this world.  There is a world of sickness, sorrows and tears that no one can understand.  Who could measure all the suffering from Adam to the last child of God to be born.  Volumes could be written and yet, Faith is the Victory.  There is a world of death, the power of which is so great that it holds every man in its awful clutches.  It works in us from the cradle to the grave.  Oh, if you want to see Salvation as it is by Grace, then you should stand at the bedside of a dying child of God.  When the Doctor shakes his head and when you yourself can see that it will soon be over, then it is: “Dat God volkomen uitkomst geeft” and that Faith is the Victory that overcometh the world!

There is the world of Satan and all his host who is the god of this world, who by nature is our father, who by nature we love.  He is the lie over against the truth.  No wonder we fit perfectly for we are by nature nothing but a lump of sin.  And, yet, Faith is the Victory that overcometh the world.

Tremendous Faith!  It does not take away this world of sin, sickness, death, sorrow, tears, Satan and the flesh.  But it is the Victory in and through them all.  I would like to bring out a few thoughts concerning this Faith.

According to the best commentators and theologians the word Faith has different meanings.  In the New Testament it is usually used to mean to believe.  “Believe in the Lord Jesus and thou shalt be saved.”  Sometimes the word is used to mean trust, also truth, to be carried, to be lifted up, to sit in the shadows of the Almighty.  Faith is the sphere of the life of the Child of God as in natural life he must have air to breathe, so in the spiritual life he breathes in the sphere of faith.

Essentially, then, Faith is an attribute of God, wherein He sees Himself through the Son and in the Spirit and wherein He proclaims of Himself through His Word that He alone is the ever faithful, Covenant Jehovah.  With Him there is no shadow of turning and He remains the same yesterday, today and forever.  He trusts in Himself with a tremendous trust and says, “Trust in the Lord all the ends of the earth”.  He is truth.  Truth and righteousness are the habitations of His throne.  Knowing Himself in all His perfections, He is lifted up to the glorification of His Name and God sings of His everlasting mercy: “Ik zal eeuwig zingen van God’s goedertierenheen.”

Faith is the sphere of the Covenant life of Jehovah, eternally working through love wherein is shown His Grace and Beauty.  That Faith has been revealed through an infinite wisdom, the Eternal Logos and through an infinite power, the Holy Spirit.  All the Faith of the Triune God comes in the Son of God.  All the fullness of God dwells in Him bodily.  Faith never leaves the sphere of God, but we are taken up into it.  It comes down to us through One Head and from out of that Head into the Body which are the Elect, the Church and into them only.  In Him Faith comes down into the midst of our unbelief and has the Victory over the whole world.  Christ becomes the sinner in our stead and calls out in the Psalm, “my iniquity is more than the hairs of mine head” although He had no sin.

Christ alone thirsts after God and having the Victory over death and hell, He arises Victorious.  And, because of the fruit of His labors and His alone, He sends us His spirit who takes out of this fountain of faith and giveth unto His Church according to the measure of His Grace.  And this becomes in us a Confession of Faith, wherein I say that I believe in God, the Father, Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth and I believe in Jesus Christ His only begotten Son.

And so with a simple trusting faith, I am lifted up to sit in the shadow of the Almighty and sitting there I also have a song, a song that God eternally sings, “Ik zal eeuwig zingen van God’s goedertierenheen.”