Have you Grown This Summer

The summer of 1971 is rapidly coming to a close. Vacations will soon be over, schools will resume their classes, and jobs will return back to normal. It is at this time I would like you to stop and think back on the past summer’s activities.

This summer probably held many pleasant experiences for each one of you. Many have gone traveling with their families and had very enjoyable vacations. New people were met and new friendships arose. Some may be lasting, others may not. Throughout all of these memorable experiences, you changed and matured in your thinking. People had their influence on you and you had your influence on them. “You may have learned how to live better with people and share a part of yourself with them. You may have broadened your outlook on life, also. But through all this, you grew.

Mingled in with the good experiences of summer were also the bad ones. These bad ones were sent to help you appreciate fully the good experiences and not to take them for granted. These bad experiences were a big part in your growth this summer. They taught you how to cope with the problems that daily life brings.

So far we have just been talking about intellectual growth. But now comes an even more important question – Have you also grown spiritually during this summer? Many young people from other denominations were busy this summer working on SWIM, Youth for Christ, and passing out Bibles and pamphlets. Did you obey your calling to witness of God’s love in you to your friends and acquaintances when the opportunity arose? Did you experience memorable activities that enriched you spiritually this summer? And, above all, have you grown richer in the faith and knowledge of God?

The summer is almost over. But the beautiful season of autumn will soon follow it. Your life will be full of these changes of seasons and of mental, physical, and spiritual changes also. The change that will always be of greatest importance to you is that change that occurs in your heart. It is the calling and should be the prayer of every Christian that he may be strengthened and grow in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. It will do you well to pattern your life according to the word GROWTH:

G Go to God in prayer daily.

R Read God’s Word daily.

O Obey God, moment by moment.

W Witness for Christ by your life and words.

T Trust God for every detail of your life.

H Holy Spirit – rely on Him to control and empower your daily life and witness.

Originally Published in:

Vol. 31 No. 5 August/September 1971