Hail and Farewell

With this brief note I would say farewell to the readers of Beacon Lights and to the wonderful young people who form the staff of our magazine. Farewell, that is, as Editor-in-Chief. The Reverend James A. McCollam, pastor of the First Protestant Reformed Church of Holland, Michigan, has graciously consented to take up the work at this time of guiding the affairs of Beacon Lights.

            And thus another milestone. It has been a joy to again work with our young people these past months in reorganizing Beacon Lights. Our major effort as staff, as we labored together, was to keep Beacon Lights in operation and to keep alive this symbol of unity among Protestant Reformed young people and to continue the propagation, through this means, of the distinctive truths which mark our heritage. As a service to you, our readers, we have wrestled the many problems which confronted us. But of nobler obligation – and the while a blessed privilege – we have sought to please the Lord God who gave us the challenge and the duty to keep our magazine in continued circulation in our Protestant Reformed homes.

Today Beacon Lights is solvent. The need for funds was urgent and, of course, was of great concern to us as we began our work of reorganizing following the denominational break last year. But our needs were met by our people in a most gratifying way. And today, while the continued existence of Beacon Lights is still contingent on the unwavering support of our Protestant Reformed people, the staff of Beacon Lights can look forward to a year of publication with considerable less concern as regards the problem of paying bills. A venture in faith it was to go forward in the work. And our covenant God, Who guides the hands of those who write and those who work on the staff, has sustained us all.

Today Beacon Lights needs also the continued support of our people in their prayers. Our magazine reaches into all our homes with a message of truth for all ages. It can be and is of real service to the societies who primarily publish it through the Federation. We know all the departments are cared for by consecrated people who seek only the spiritual welfare of our readers both in our churches and everywhere else our magazine is sent. Beacon Lights is published for you, dear reader. As it continues to serve you we urge that you also continue your support for it.

And so the energetic, capable James McCollam, our guest editorial writer on several occasions this past season and who has worked with us for some time as Associate Editor, will be busy with this department and the general supervision of the work of publishing Beacon Lights. We wish him well as he assumes this responsibility before the Lord and our Protestant Reformed people. Knowing you as we do, sir, we know you will give your very best to the work.

And to the publishing staff, who devotedly give more time and effort to the work than could possibly be realized by those not in the work, and to the Federation Board which also is a part of the Publication Committee, we say farewell. May God bless you all as you carry on this wonderful kingdom endeavor.