Greetings from the First Protestant Reformed Church of Edmonton, Alberta

We just recently celebrated our first anniversary and already we have shared joys and sorrows, trials and tribulations. Most of all, we have experienced the blessings and grace of God. We are glad to be a part of the Protestant Reformed denomination and under the care of the reformed truth.

We, as a small church, are very close, and unity can be genuinely felt even after only one year. Two members joined shortly after we were established. A young family was blessed with the birth of their third child. God then blessed us with the safe arrival of our minister, Rev. Moore, as well as nine other additions. Two older couples celebrated their pros­perous 25 years of marriage last summer, and one of the younger couples were joined in holy matrimony in September. But “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed by the Name of the Lord.” He saw fit to take a young member from us by way of an automobile accident, into His Holy Presence. We remember that this is also a means of grace shown to us.

We haven’t organized any societies as such, but the young people have a coffee party every Sunday night where we play games and drink coffee. Occasionally, the older people also get together.

Catechism, held every Monday night for the young people, and every Saturday morning for the children, seems to be going very well. The Essentials class, consisting of all confessing members as of October 24, proves to be very interesting and applicable to life today.

There is also a Bible Study class every Thursday night to which outsiders are heartily welcome. We are happy to say that there is outside interest shown, and valuable discussions take place. As of now, we are talking about the Canons of Dordt.

Rev. Moore and his family, on behalf of the congregation, extend a warm welcome to anyone who wishes to come up here if they get the chance. We would enjoy having you here to worship with us in Spirit and in truth. We already have experienced that joy with some of you.

In conclusion, our congregation is very thankful for the truth and God’s revelation of it to us. Without it, it would be impossible to lead a healthy, Christian life.