Greetings From the Fed Board

The Federation Board of Young People is going into another busy year and would like to keep you informed on what the Fed Board is, who serves on it, and what we have been working on as of late.

The Federation Board works on the behalf of our young people to serve three main purposes. The first is to enable the PR Young People’s societies to work in close unity with one another. The second is to guide the societies so that they can develop in faith and doctrine through the means of a Federation paper—the Beacon Lights, which has a staff of its own. The third purpose is to give unified expression to our specific Protestant Reformed character. This character is founded upon the holy and inspired word, for which we are so thankful to God that he has given it to us and to our children so that we can dwell together and experience the unity of Christ. The members of the Federation Board are elected by the convention delegates to serve two year terms. This term includes supervising the Beacon Lights and bringing together the different young people’s societies. The Fed Board is also in charge of planning the Easter and Thanksgiving mass meetings, as well the pre-convention singspiration. Finally, the Board oversees the convention each year.  In addition to selecting the host church, the board helps guide them through the process.

The elected board consists of 10 people. The President is Nate Bodbyl. The Vice President is Brian Feenstra. The Secretary is Kylie Mulder. The Vice Secretary is Erika Schipper. The Treasurer is Dave Noorman. The Vice Treasurer is Joe Holstege. The Librarian is Rachel Kamps. The Spiritual Advisors are Rev. Dan Holstege and Rev. Carl Haak. Dan VanUffelen is the Youth Coordinator.

Recently, the Federation Board has approved a new funding policy for the hosting churches of the convention, which will help ease the financial challenges that hosting a convention entails. The Federation Board finances are stable. Financial reports are available from the treasurer upon request.

You may have also noticed some changes to the Beacon Lights over the last several months, as we have had a transition of staff and a different look to the magazine. We are very thankful the Beacon Lights continues to be a source of Godly writings for the young people and to others.

In closing, the Federation Board asks that you remember us in your prayers as we strive to serve God in our offices. We are thankful for the responsibilities he has given to us and pray for wisdom in our work. It is our prayer that he will bless this work and that his name will be glorified through it. Pray for our young people as well that God will preserve them as they grow in their faith and love for him. Young people, pray for one another/ May you continue to grow in your knowledge and love for the truth, as you are the future of our Protestant Reformed Churches.


On Behalf of the Federation Board,

Nate Bodbyl, President