Good Morning Alice

Good Morning Alice is a book writ­ten by Rev. Gise Van Baren about his dying sister Alice. The book is about the death of a saint by Lou Gehrigs Disease.

During the last three months of Alice’s illness an anonymous writer sent cards and notes to her almost every day. The writer of the cards included scrip­tural texts and elaborated a bit on each passage. In this way this book is a de­votional. Each day Alice would look for­ward to receiving her card in the mail. During the last few months of her ill­ness this little diversion of a piece of mail gave Alice a positive outlook on life. Yes, she was physically failing but she was being spiritually uplifted.

This small book also shows how one family learned of Lou Gehrigs Disease and how they managed to cope with it. We are able to see what it is like to lose loved ones to death. But we are also able to see the desire that the saints of the Lord have to be with Him after their death.

The story is touching and the verses encouraging. I recommend this book to anyone who is or who has a loved one who is struggling with a sickness, dis­ease or is on the brink of death. The scriptural passages will bring comfort in time of trouble as well as in times of happiness.


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