God’s Words To His Children

Hold on My child
I have not forgot.
You may feel abandoned
But I leave you not.
You may feel alone
But I am always near.
You may be afraid
But there is nothing to fear.
For you are My children
You are held safe in My care
You are my sheep
My love to you I share.
I am the LORD thy Father
And you My children shall be
Held within My hand
For all eternity.
Sometimes I take you
Before you have lived life below
And sometimes there were burdens
And My reasons I did not show.

But through it all I’ve been beside you
To hold you up along the way
And I have been behind you
To catch you when you sway.
You have never left my sight
I was always there
You may not have felt My presence
But I held you from the devil’s snare.
Each time you thought
That no one was aware or understood
I was the one who was there for you
—like no one ever could.
Again I must remind you My child
I thy Father am.
I hold you close to my breast
Within My holy hand.
I will never leave thee nor forsake thee
No need to ever fear
Feel safe and feel protected
All within My care.