God’s Watchmen

Watchmen, Watchmen, that guard the truth,
From every evil turning,
Take courage from God’s Holy Word,
All modernism spurning,

For wolves among the sheepfold
Would slay and rend and tear
The Church of God’s own people,
For they would lay a snare,

Of half truths, human gospel
Designed by Satan himself
To seek to change God’s Holy Word
The Bible gathering dust on the shelf.

After all they say, “nothing changed”
“All things continue as ever before”
And in their ungodly foolishness
God’s word they disdain and abhor.

What cunning ways and devious
The devil does employ.
He even deceives himself
That God’s counsel he can destroy.

So watchmen guard the word well
From all the “isms” turning
Arminianism, Modernism, Humanism, etc.
And those of “higher learning”

Who seek to make MAN God
And do away with election
Thinking that man in his own strength
Can seek his own perfection

But God always keeps His watchmen
To guard His Holy Word
And His faithful watchmen
Keep watching with the Sword.

The Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God.
In this he will not dissemble,
For even the devils know His Word
And in its presence tremble.

Sound the warning, loud and clear.
Oh, Watchmen sound the warning
That evil ones are found within
The Church of God’s own choosing

That they may soon be rooted out
That she may be kept pure.
And ever study the Scriptures
To make her calling and election sure.

Not resting on her laurels
And ever the spirits trying
Rightly dividing the Word of God,
And never God’s truth denying.

Then a crown of double honor,
O good and faithful one,
Is given unto you that day
In the presence of the Son.