God’s Priceless Law

The heav’ns declare His glory,
The firmament shows forth
The wisdom and the beauty
With which God crowns the earth.

Each day our Father utters
The speech His children hear,
And night by night His knowledge
Does constantly appear.

The sun His hand is guiding
Its heat and light immense-
Accomplishes His purpose,
Shows His omnipotence.

God’s holy law is perfect,
The simple are made wise
When they His precepts follow—
Their prayers as incense rise.

God’s testimony gladdens,
His statutes all are right.
His fear brings boundless virtue
And cleanliness to light.

His judgments are more precious
Than silver, jewels, or gold—
Their taste, more sweet than honey,
Their worth can ne’er be told.

His children heed His warning
And strive His laws to keep
In prayer and meditation
Our shepherd leads His sheep.

O Lord, our great Redeemer,
Grant that our words may be
Acceptable before Thee;
Hear now our humble plea.