God’s Plan for Me

What do you say to your teenagers about those difficult, growing years? There is so much information we can share with our teenagers from the experiences we had while growing up. But, we must seek God’s guidance in how we share these experiences with them. I would like to share some of my thoughts about my teen years and what God had in His plans for me.

I was brought up in a Christian home and went to church faithfully all my life. I knew right from wrong, what pleased mom and dad, and that God knew all my thoughts, words, and deeds. I knew I couldn’t hide from God. But, that didn’t stop me from doing what many teens do. I smoked, drank, stayed out too late, wanted to party all the time, and got way too serious with boys. How did this careless lifestyle end? By the loving grace of God. He directed my life in ways that were more befitting of one of God’s children. I began to change gradually, beginning the night I met my future mate.

Twenty-one years later, I look back and thank God for turning my life around and showing me the right paths to follow. I have so much to be thankful for because I have never deserved in any way to be called a child of God, and yet I am! I have gained much wisdom since my teen years, yet I know that I am still learning and will continue to learn more about God until I die.

I hope in some small way I can help a teenager or teens that are struggling. God has a plan for each one of you as He did for me. Your teen years may be going the way mine did, but you can not count on it to turn out well years later. Even though God has a plan for you, you don’t know what it is yet. The sooner you begin showing that God is number one in your life and that He is in control of your life, the sooner you will find real joy and peace. Your life on this earth is only temporary and really meaningless when you compare it to eternity with God our Father. You may think your life now is one big party, but what will you have gained when you have to stand before your Creator on Judgment Day and explain your teen years to Him. I feel so ashamed of myself every time I think about my actions. I hope you feel ashamed, too. I hope you feel so ashamed that you ask God to forgive you of your sins so that you may begin the rest of your life in service to God our Father. ❖