God’s House

Thy courts of worship I’ve entered today

To give to Thy name a portion of praise,

To take from Thy hand a measure of grace,

To pray for Thy guidance the length of my days.


Thou gavest me comfort and shelter alone,

Others cared not for my life or my lot.

Thou didst feed me with bread which perisheth not,

And hast shown me the way to heavenly home.


My path was in darkness, my load hard to bear.

My eyes Thou did’st lift to see Jesus, my God.

My heart was drawn close to Thy beauty most fair,

My feet moved in light where once blindness they trod.


O, dwelling of peace, O house of the Lord,

May Thy holy Occupant always be mine,

May I always in reverence to Him praise accord,

May Thy courts stand secure thru the ages of time!