God’s Earth

It was a cool summer day in April. My father and I were walking along the banks of the Grand River looking for a good spot to fish. We rounded a bend and there we spotted a huge mountain like a mound of pop cans and bottles, along with other scraps of metal and broken shards of glass. This mound was about 10 feet high and it cast a great black shadow over the water. The sad thing about this, is that every bit of the “trash” was recyclable, and was in fact worth three or four hundred dollars.

People often throw things away because they do not know that they can get good money for turning them in. So much scrap metal is igno­rantly thrown away, that if it were saved it could give all the U.S. car factories enough steel every year to supply the cars. They would not have to import anything. We also throw away enough glass every day to fill the twin towers of Chicago with glass every day. Another huge problem is all of the paper thrown away in our country. Every­day thousands of trees die in order for the press to print our newspapers.

God has commanded man (when He com­manded Adam) in Genesis 2:15, to keep the earth. By this God meant do not abuse our resources, to keep land and water and air clean for ourselves, the animals and most importantly for the glory of God. It is our duty as Christians to take care of the earth as best we can. We must tend the garden, God’s earth.