God in His Mighty Power Created No Possibility for Evolutionism (1) An Introduction and Call to Arms

Some describe it as “the greatest show on earth.”[1] Others deem it “the greatest hoax on earth.”[2] I reside in the camp of the second and call it the most loathsome lie mankind has ever fallen for. It is a deception of the greatest kind. Rooted in atheism, it has infested Christianity. Evolutionism directly attacks the fundamental truth of scripture that God is sovereign over all things. Evolutionism attempts to explain the origin and existence of this universe by way of science alone, not God.


Evolutionism is an infection of the worst sort. This is an infection on such a massive scale that it has all but destroyed every field of science and is spreading like the plague throughout churches, even of Reformed background. Professor David Engelsma addresses the issue well: “It is shameful that the topic is necessary in the sphere of the Reformed churches. Has it really come to this in the Reformed churches, that the historicity of Genesis 1-11 must be defended?”[3]

Defend it we will! This is a war threatening our principle belief in the authority of scripture. This is a war that we must be well aware of and constantly fighting. Part of this heightened awareness is having a clear understanding regarding the tactics of our enemy. How are secular scientists and Scripture-denying theologians attacking our faith? How can we defend ourselves against their assaults? How do we counter their attacks?

This article serves as an introduction to a sequence of polemical articles dismantling evolutionism thread by thread. I wrote an article in a previous issue of Beacon Lights addressing the importance of defending Scripture against the lies of evolutionism. I then realized I had not scratched the surface of what needs to be said regarding this issue. This series of articles will examine the theory of evolution, beginning with its roots, to show that it is not just a theory. Also addressed will be some of the scientific discoveries that “support” evolutionism. These amazing discoveries actually point toward the creative work of our God. I truly am fascinated by this subject. However, I make no claims to be an expert in any of these fields. I do not have a degree in geology. I never studied astrophysics. I don’t have a doctorate in biology. I am merely a child of God captivated by the beauty and complexities of his creation. We do not need scientific knowledge to see the beauty of creation.

When learning of the intricate workings of the human body we might find ourselves thinking, “How amazing!” Yet there are still those who think the human body evolved over millions of years. When we have the opportunity to witness a thunderstorm, we say to ourselves, “How awesome is our God!” Yet people see this display of his power repeatedly and still deny his existence. When we see the bright moon in the night sky as but a dim reflection of what awaits us in glory, we must be bothered by the fact that there are those who insist it was formed from the debris of the collision of earth and another large planetary body somewhere around 4.45 billion years ago.[4] If you did not already despise evolutionism, do you see now why we must?

One of the many reasons this subject is of such great importance is the perspective it gives us on how great our God is. Think of the small specks of dust we are in comparison to the vastness of this enormous universe in which we reside. Keep going with this thought, but now realize that God is even greater than this seemingly infinite universe! Yet this still does not come close to showing us the extent of our God’s power. God is infinite. Our simple minds struggle to wrap themselves around this concept. All we can do is stand in awe of the mighty power of our God. This is the reason this subject is of utter importance.

When we sit down and really think about the mighty power and holiness of God, it humbles us to the point of silence. We can liken this to the vision of Isaiah in Isaiah 6. He “saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up” (v. 1). The angels are crying (v. 3), “Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory.” Isaiah in his vision is so utterly terrified by this experience—as a sinful man seeing the face of God—that he expects to be destroyed immediately. He says in verse 5, “Woe is me! For I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts.” Now put this passage in the light of the subject we are focusing on. We see God’s glory and power in creation every day and are often left speechless. However, the creation is but a dim reflection of the full glory of his power. Imagine that day when we enter through the pearly gates and see God in all his glory. Now that will be beautiful. This is what creation does. It points to God and shows us our calling on this earth, which is glorification of him alone. Our view of God shapes how we think in this debate. If you do not have an all-consuming awe for his holiness and complete trust of his sovereignty in all things, you will be prone to having false ideas when it comes to origins. Our view of God shapes how we think concerning all matters in life and death. This is how important our view of God is!

Some may think that since God did not give us all the details in Scripture on how plants grow, the diversity of life on earth, how the planets move throughout space and so on, that these things are better left alone. Scripture is not a science textbook. Yes indeed, God has left out many details of the intricacies of creation, but he has also given man the ability to make scientific discoveries. He has done this in order that man may praise him for his wonderful work of creation and his providential hand upholding all things and steering the events of man’s existence. But those of secular science do not praise God in their findings. Instead, they attempt in any way possible to invalidate creation and the flood as they are clearly set forth in Scripture and so unmistakably evidenced throughout the universe.

A danger for the child of God in the use of science is the abuse of it. There are times when creation science, whether accidentally or on purpose, is rendered in a way that trumps God’s revelation in Scripture of the two events, creation and the flood. Creation science is a way we can see God’s glory, but we must always remember that however technologically advanced and interesting these discoveries are, God’s word is the final word and nothing will ever change that.

Another danger for the child of God is that he tries to prove his faith using science. Science is a wonderful tool we can use to see God’s glory, but it is not something we may use to rationalize our faith. His Holy Spirit working in us when we read Scripture and gaze at creation is the only thing we need in order see his creative hand and in turn to glorify and trust him alone.


Fortunately there are still those who hold to a literal interpretation of Genesis 1–9. Several organizations and institutions are in existence for one reason: to defend the truths of creation and the flood. These institutions promote creation science, science confirming the truths found in Holy Writ. A few of these anti-evolution organizations are Answers in Genesis in Kentucky, which runs the Creation Museum (, Creation Ministries International in Australia (, and the Institute for Creation Research in Texas ( These apologetic organizations publish books and periodicals and have websites filled with the latest in creation science research and tools for defending the truth of Genesis. Most of these resources are free. I encourage you to visit these sites often to keep yourselves informed of the ongoing battle for preservation of the truth.

This is a war, and we need to understand it as such. The battlefield is at work, on campus, and in the pew. We cannot sit back and say to ourselves, “This is not affecting my life directly, so I don’t need to worry about it,” or, “My church will never fall for a lie like this.” We are weakest when we are not wary. You as young people are especially targeted today, as most colleges and universities are teaching full-blown evolution or at least some form of it. People are going to ask you what you believe, and why you hold to your belief regarding the origin of all things. Your answer to them must be bold. You must be polemical in doing this. We are called to fight this lie, using God’s word as our sword. An additional tool with which God has equipped us for this fight and the glorification of his name is science—science through the spectacles of Scripture. This is a valuable tool that we must not waste. But in the end, let us remember that God’s word shall stand. God’s word stands the test of time, and may all those take heed who deny the truth that it clearly sets forth.

Do you hear it now? A great battle cry is sounding. Rise up and arm yourselves, young Christian soldiers! The gates of hell (Matt. 16:18) war against us, but will never prevail. The word of God is clear and simple when it comes to origins; do not allow anyone to muddle your faith. Stand up and fight!

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[2] Jonathan Sarfati, The Greatest Hoax on Earth? Refuting Dawkins on Evolution (Atlanta: Creation Book Publishers, 2010).

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