From Revelation to Genesis

My journey through the Scriptures led me through the end of time;
The book of Revelation has an ending most sublime.
I gazed at the pomp and pageantry recorded there by John
And felt a thrill of wonder at the view I looked upon.
How could a sinner such as I fit into God’s great plan?
Yet through the blood of Jesus Christ – redeemed is fallen man.
Together we, the sinner/saints of now and ages past
Become the bride of Christ: His church completed and enmassed.
The majesty and splendor, the beauty that is given,
No sin to mar the lovely scene: the marvel that is heaven.

I felt a bit deflated to leave the heavenly sphere
And read from Genesis instead-1 had to squelch a tear.
I read the first verse, second, third: my heart with awe now reeled
When I considered all the works these verses had revealed.
Our Triune God, by word alone, the whole world had created;
The first book of the Bible this history related.
Again I felt the wonder of a perfect world – no sin!
Splendid Eden was the site He placed the man within.
Throughout His word His plan unfolds: salvation for His own.
His wisdom, pow’r, grace, mercy, truth, and saving love are shown.