Freemasonry … A Nefarious Secret Global Empire of Darkness Installment IV

Where’er His creatures gather

The unseen God is near;

Let rulers fear their Ruler,

Their Judge let judges fear.

How long ye earthly judges,

Will ye pervert the right?

How long shall wicked persons

Have favor in your sight?


Do justice for the helpless,

The orphan’s cause maintain;

Defend the poor and needy,

Oppressed and wronged for gain.

When rulers walk in darkness,

When judges truth forsake,

The cornerstones are crumbled,

The firm foundations shake.


These lines, taken from our Psalter, have been the song of the church of all the ages and still is. Our present modern rulers in all spheres of life do not fear their Ruler, but have sworn unquestion­ing allegiance, upon penalty of death, to their Masonic superiors. This is one of the major reasons why the cornerstones of our modern civilization are crumbling and the firm foundations of the world are shaking.

Many of the world-shaking events that have occurred, during this last half cen­tury were planned and controlled by Masonry; that is humanly speaking of course. “There appears to be plenty of evidence that the murder of the Austrian Archduke and his consort, which event was claimed to have started World War I, was decreed in the Masonic Grand Orient of France a year and a half be­fore it was actually carried out. The New Age, monthly organ of the Mystic Shrine (Southern Jurisdiction) had this to say in 1918, ‘The (1st) World War as none other is outspokenly a Masonic War—for Masonic ideals i-7, 19p 318, 451, 453, 510 . Without a doubt this is also true of World War II. The fact that Russia has learned the secret of the atomic bomb is due to Masonry.” (Christian Cynosure, Aug. 1949, p. 54).

The devil invented Freemasonry to protect and acquit criminals, fifth colum­nists, thieves, and other evil doers from the just consequences of their wrong­doing. Part of the oath of the Royal Arch Mason (7th degree York Rite to which so-called Christians join) reads like this:

Furthermore do I promise and swear that I will aid and assist a companion Royal Arch Mason when engaged in any difficulty and espouse his cause, so far as to extricate him from the same, whether he be right or wrong. Also that I will promote a companion R.A. Mason’s political preferment in preference to an­other of equal qualifications. (85 percent of our government officials are Masons), Furthermore do I promise and swear that a companion R. A. Mason’s secrets, given to me in charge as such, I knowing them to be such, shall remain as secure and inviolable in my breast as his own, murder and reason not excepted”.

From this one can readily imagine how this must effect the honesty of our judges, jurors, witnesses, lawyers, and civil officers when dealing with fellow lodge members. Very few men ever run for high offices in our government with­out being lodge members and prominent­ly wearing lodge rings and pins.

Masonry has its influence in the leadership and politics of the worldly labor unions. This is evident from books such as Misleaders of Labor, by Wm. Z. Foster, published by the Trade Union Educational League. Space does not per­mit me to go into detail on this score, but here is some food for thought. A government that can force 130 million citizens to give up a part of their tires, gasoline, coffee, sugar, and shoes during wartime and can force from twelve to fifteen million young men to go to the battlefronts of the world to bleed and die—that government certainly ought to be able to force law-defying labor union leaders to come to time if it so desires.

Masonry has its influence in the in­dustries, businesses, and in the armed forces of every nation. Experience, knowledge, education, initiative, capabili­ty, honesty, personality, and reputation are only secondary qualifications for the higher salaried and more responsible po­sitions. It depends on whether or not you are a Mason. That’s what counts!!! And such a man is always “favored” in his position; that is if he remains a lodge member in good standing, no matter how poor his work may be or how big a crook he is. To prove these statements please check your daily papers whenever a prominent politician, industrialist, or business man dies, and note the lodges he belonged to and how high he was in them. I know this to be true with very few exceptions, from my own personal experiences.

Dr. R. A. Torrey, former superinten­dent of Moody Bible Institute and world­wide evangelist, writes, “In one city where I lived, the proprietor of the vilest and most notorious place in the city could not be touched by the law because he was a Knight Templar. Every other place of the sort was run out of the city but his. I have known similar things that have come under my personal ob­servation.”

Masonry has its influence in education. *Chas. F. Wheelock, Commissioner of Education, University of New York, in Official Document, July 21, 1921, stated, “I also happen to know that among lend­ing educators in the public school system at least 80 percent are members of the Masonic Order”. Grand Master H S. Park said, “The public school is primarily the child of Masonry”; (Proceedings, Grand Lodge of Nevada, 1920, p. 34). The lodge is opposed to all Christian education. “We do not see why children need to be educated as Presbyterians, Catholics, Methodists, Lutherans, Heb­rews, (or Reformed, S.B.)” (Grand Lodge Library Bulletin, Jan. 1921). However the public educational institutions do pump their religion(s), such as com­munism, atheism, evolution, modernism, etc., into the minds and hearts of the students.

Masonry has its influence in the home and family. A Mason must attend the meetings of his lodge which last until after midnight in most cases. He is under oath not to reveal what took place or what he did during that time to his wife, parents, children, or a brother in Christ, No, not even in sickness and death.

Masonry has a very unique method of persecuting the Church of Christ should it interfere with any of its nefarious business. Ministers of denominations that tolerate lodge members (in fact there are very few that do not tolerate them and such denominations are always very unpopular and small in number in this world) are forbidden to preach or teach against the lodge in any way what­soever. If they dare to, the Masons of that congregation will secretly spread all sorts of lies and gossip in order to ruin his good reputation in the congregation and community he serves, until he is forced to quit the ministry or leave for another charge. This actually happened several times.

This is also the reason why so many modernistic ministers (or Balaams?) do not preach against, but actually condone and encourage evils, such as the theatre, dancing, gambling, drinking, paganizing and commercializing our Christian holi­days, etc., in order to be on the right side of the business-lodge members of their congregations.

From the foregoing one can readily see that God is using Masonry to accom­plish His good pleasure in preparing this wicked world for its final destruction according to Romans 1 and 2 Peter 3:7. Think of all the juvenile delinquency, immorality, debauchery, crime, robbery, gambling, etc., that is going on in our land today, supported by the lodge via Hollywood and publishers of immoral magazines, pictures, books, and comics. The Masonic lodge to my mind is also one of the most leading factors in the development of the coming Antichrist. The time in which we as true Christians will neither be able to buy or to sell except we wear the mark of the beast, is a lot closer that what we really think.

Much more can be said about Masonry, but space does not permit. But it should become evident that Masonry and Chris­tianity can never go together and no Mason can ever have a place at the table of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is my sin­cere wish that the True Church may ever be vigilant in applying the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven not only in the exercise of Christian discipline (which of course we must), but also in the preaching of the Word. We as covenant young people must know about the anti-Christian character and practices of the lodges, so that the church which we love and in which we have a name and a place may be kept free, by the grace of God, from this power of darkness for genera­tions yet to come and until that Day when Christ shall judge the secrets of men.

* From tract, The Antichrist in the Luth­eran Church, by Wm. Meyer (National Christian Association).

Much of the material used in prepar­ing these articles was obtained from the National Christian Association of Chi­cago, Ill. This organization is composed of ministers of various denominations whose aim and purpose is to enlighten the Church about the evils and practices of the secret societies by means of books, pamphlets, tracts, and its monthly organ, the Christian Cynosure.