Free Christian School, Edgerton, Minnesota

It was on the afternoon of Feb. 26, 1940, less than two years after the organization of the Protestant Reformed Church of Edgerton, and under the leadership of Rev. W. Verhil, that the Free Christian School Society was organized.  This name does not indicate that there is no tuition charge, but rather that the school permits children of any denomination which agrees to the Three Forms of Unity to attend.  The members of the congregation offered their help, and a two room building was erected after the plan of the Hope Christian School of Grand Rapids.

In September, 1950, school opened with fifty-five children in attendance and with Mr. John Vis as principal.  Miss Buyert began the year as teacher of the lower grades but was forced to resign because of ill health.  After a period of substitution by Mrs. R. Brunsting, Miss Beth DeBoer was given the contract to finish the school term.

The three eighth graders of that year, Arlene Bleyenburg, Ethel Bleyenburg, and Gerold Gunnink, were honored in May by having Rev. H. Hoeksema address them at their graduation.

Since the division of our churches in 1953, the number of pupils has dropped considerably.  In spite of this the ninth grade has been added for the first time so that at present we have sixteen grade-school children and three high school student attending.  These children represent eight families and with a budget of nearly $8,000.00 it means a very real sacrifice for them and for the congregation.

Mr. Gerald Kuiper, our principal, is with us again this year and Miss Sharon Kuiper is assisting him in the lower grades.

Believing in the cause of Christian Education, we go forward in faith and trust.  We are very grateful for the donation received from our sister churches.  May God give grace to the parents who are cooperating 100% in sending their children to our school.