Fellowship in Christ

“Fellowship in Christ”—that is the theme of this year’s Protestant Reformed Young People’s Convention.  Fellowship in itself is a subject which is of special interest to youth.  But this is not enough.  We are a particular type of young people and thus the theme of our convention must also be of a particular type.  Therefore, we have specified the medium and the basis of our fellowship, Christ.  As your representatives, the convention committee has attempted to center all the activities around the complete theme, “Fellowship”, yes, “Fellowship in Christ”.

So that the latter portion of the theme may not be forgotten, we have not provided merely periods of entertainment of indistinctive recreation.  On the contrary, our aim has been the growth and edification of Protestant Reformed Youth in order that we may through communion with our God be drawn closer to Him.  We feel that our conventions should have a spiritual tenor.  Your committee has tried to attain this.  Its final realization, however, still depends upon you!

While visiting one of the convention committee meetings, Mr. E. J. Knott, President of the Federation, made this remark which I think should aid us in clarifying our conception of our Young People’s Convention.  Said he, “Delegates from Manhattan, Oskaloosa, Pella and from many of our other churches do not come to Grand Rapids to go to outings, to go swimming or to be amused.  This they could do at home.  They desire to be edified.  If their desire is not fulfilled, our convention will have been a failure.”  Well said.

Tuesday will be highlighted by the Inspirational Mass Meeting.  At every previous convention, Rev. H. Hoeksema has delivered the inspirational address.  We will miss his presence this year, but with joy do we recognize his speedy recovery.  We hope that if the Lord may continue to give him strength, his name may reappear on the program next year and that he may fill that place which has for so long been his alone.  Although Rev. H. De Wolf is really supposed to be vacationing, he has agreed to interrupt his vacation to be with us as our speaker at this opening meeting.  Everyone is invited to attend this meeting which will be held in the Fuller Church auditorium Tuesday evening.  An excellent program has been prepared.

Wednesday morning our business meeting will be held.  If all business cannot be taken care of at this time, the remainder will be considered Thursday morning.  Don’t miss this meeting!  Much important business, including the revision of the Federation Constitution, will be treated.

Wednesday afternoon and evening will be spent at Townsend Park.  See Convention schedule for further details.

Thursday will be a big day.  At 8:00 AM, pancakes will be served in the church basement.  Breakfast will be followed by a business meeting if necessary.  Next, Rev. B. Kok will introduce the subject: “Fellowship and our Entertainments”, which will be supplemented by a discussion of this very timely subject.

The climax to the convention will be, of course, the convention banquet which will begin at 6:30 PM Thursday evening in the church basement.  Rev. L. Vermeer, our after dinner speaker has chosen the subject, “Fellowship and our Friends”.

These, in brief, are the plans for our 7th Annual Convention.  Like them?  The committee is looking forward to executing them.  We hope you are looking forward to enjoying these Convention Days with us and that you may really experience “Fellowship in Christ”.