Federation Board Update

Greetings from the Federation Board. As a Federation Board, it is our duty to report to you what we have been up to and what we are seeking to accomplish in the upcoming year.

At the recent young people’s convention hosted by Redlands PR Church, a meeting was held to elect new members to the Young People’s Federation Board. Two delegates from each of the Protestant Reformed congregations voted to select five new members to the Federation Board. Those new members will join the current members in the work of serving the young people’s societies of the Protestant Reformed Churches as a whole. The five new members are Stefan Bodbyl (Vice-President), Nicole Kamps (Vice-Secretary), Joel Rau (Vice-Treasurer), Mr. Brad Bruinsma (Youth Coordinator), and Professor Russell Dykstra (Spiritual Advisor). The returning members are Matt De Boer (President), Lynette Bleyenberg (Secretary), Brad Ophoff (Treasurer), Lydia Koole (Librarian), and Rev. William Langerak (Spiritual Advisor). Thanks to retired members, Brian Feenstra, Erika Schipper, Joe Holstege, Rev. Carl Haak, and Dan Van Uffelen for all of their hard work in the past two years!

The Federation Board will be working with the PR young people’s societies in order to help them grow in faith and doctrine. Presently the Federation Board is working with Southeast PRC in the planning of the 2014 young people’s convention. The convention is dear to the hearts of the Federation Board as this is an event at which the youth of the PR Churches can develop in their understanding of God’s word. One project the Federation Board is about to undertake involves the future of the Protestant Reformed conventions. Members of the Federation Board are working on a project with the steering committee of Southeast PR Church, as well as members of past steering committees to make the planning and hosting of future conventions a lighter burden on host congregations. The Federation Board is also planning the Thanksgiving and Easter mass meetings as well as the pre-convention singspiration.

We also seek to help our young people grow in faith and understanding of the doctrines of God’s word through our oversight of the Young People’s magazine, Beacon Lights. We are thankful to our editor-in-chief, Mark Hoeksema, and to all the members of the Beacon Lights staff for their hard work. Please send the Federation Board or Beacon Lights any suggestions to help us improve this magazine!

We have also recently begun to oversee the work of the Young Calvinists group. This group was established in an effort further to unite the young people’s societies of the PR Churches, to encourage fellowship between our young peoples and young adults societies, and to create a greater enthusiasm for our Protestant Reformed heritage among young people. This group, currently led by Alex Thompson and Ryan Kregel, is presently working to arrange exciting activities for the young people and young adults of the denomination and to publish edifying articles on the Young Calvinists blog.

Young people, parents, and grandparents, continue to pray for us as we begin this year of work as the Federation Board. Pray that God will give us the wisdom and strength to perform our duties for the good of the young people and that he will bless this work.