Federation Board Update: Nominee Introductions

As another year comes to a close for the Federation Board, we look forward to new members joining the board. This article serves as an introduction to our nominees for Spiritual Advisor, Vice-President, Vice-Treasurer, Vice-Secretary, and Youth Coordinator. Rev. VanOverloop, Brandon Kaptein, Dan Gritters, Katie VanOverloop, and Dan Langerak finish their terms in a few months, and we thank them for all the time, work, and energy they put into the Fed Board the last two years.
The Spiritual Advisor provides counsel and guidance to the members of the Federation Board. This year’s nominees are Prof. Barry Gritters and Rev. Bill Langerak. Prof. Gritters is currently Professor of Practical Theology and New Testament at our seminary. His calling is to prepare young men to be pastors. He previously served as pastor of Byron Center PRC and Hudsonville PRC, and he remains a member of Hudsonville PRC. Prof. Gritters was born and raised in the Redlands congregation, and he is married to Lori, the oldest daughter of Rev. Kortering. Together, they have six married children and a rich treasure of grandchildren. He loves fellowship with the young people and often looks for opportunities to teach catechism to high school ages in vacant churches. He loves the young people and believes it is very important for our pastors to stay in close contact. He is glad to be nominated and desires to serve because he would love to give counsel to the young people about their spiritual lives in the church and world.
The other nominee for Spiritual Advisor is Rev. Langerak. He is currently the pastor of Southeast PRC and has served there for the entirety of his ministry, the last 15 years. He and his wife, Karen, have six children; four are married, and two are in high school. Soon, Lord willing, they will have six grandchildren. He has served four previous times on the Federation Board. He would like to serve the Federation Board with spiritual advice that helps them carry out their labors on behalf of our young people to the honor and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The nominees for the position of vice-president are Austin Brower and Jake Kamps. The vice-president serves for one year as vice-president before becoming president the following year. The president presides over Federation Board meetings and takes part in other committees and their meetings. Austin is currently a member of Hudsonville PRC, and he is a sales associate at Mingerink & Associates. He graduated from Grand Valley State University in April 2018. He desires to serve because he wants to help the churches, and this is a great opportunity for him to serve the Protestant Reformed Churches and the various committees and societies the Federation Board represents.
The other nominee, Jake Kamps, is a member of Grandville PRC. He is a third-year electrical apprentice at Kleyn Electric, and he attends Grand Rapids Community College for his electrical classes. He wants to serve because he loves Christ’s church, and he sees it as a nice opportunity to serve God and the young people of his church in this way. He believes it is good for young adults to serve more broadly, and he is pleased to have this opportunity if God so wills.
The next position is for vice-treasurer. Similarly to vice-president, this person will serve as vice-treasurer one year and as treasurer the next. The treasurer is responsible for keeping a record of all money received and distributed by the Federation Board, delivering financial reports to meetings, and performing all financial work. The two nominees are Brandon Kuiper and Aaron VanDyke. Brandon Kuiper is a member of Trinity PRC, and he attends Grand Valley State University as a full-time student studying accounting. He believes that at this point in his life, serving on the Federation Board would be a good way for him to serve and volunteer his time in the church.
Aaron VanDyke attends Faith PRC, and he is currently pursuing a degree in secondary history education at Calvin College. He would like to serve on the Federation Board because he wants to serve Christ’s church in whatever capacity he can, and he sees service on the Federation Board as an obvious opportunity to do that. Additionally, he is and has been a beneficiary of the Federation Board’s work in all of its various aspects, and he would like to give back to the Board out of appreciation.
The secretary of the Federation Board is responsible for taking record of the minutes of the Board meetings, conducting all correspondence, and keeping charge of all records. The nominees for the position of vice-secretary are Rachel Rutgers and Kara Zwak. Rachel Rutgers attends Hope PRC, and she currently works as a medical assistant at Michigan ENT & Allergy Specialists. She is also pursuing a nursing degree at Davenport University. She is thankful to have the opportunity to be on the Federation Board, and she thinks it would be a great way to become more involved in our denomination, particularly by promoting Christian fellowship among the young people. As a potential member of the Federation Board, she especially looks forward to encouraging our young people to grow in faith by reading good Reformed literature.
The second nominee, Kara Zwak, is a member of Hudsonville PRC. Currently, she is a full-time employee at Bid-2-Benefit Youth in the online auction and eBay departments. She wants to serve on the Federation Board to help continue to encourage young people to hold fast to the Lord and to stay true to his word because she recognizes that it is becoming harder each day to stay focused on him. She would be honored to aide in the development of faith in young people and provide means for them to grow closer to the Lord and stronger in their faith.
The last position to fill this year on the Board is for Youth Coordinator. The Youth Coordinator also gives counsel and guidance to the members of the Board, and this person also may play a major role in the organization and further development of the Young Calvinists. The nominees for this year are Andy Peterson and Andrew Veldman. Andy Peterson is a member of Hudsonville PRC, and he is both president and owner of KML Specialty Chemicals and A+ Lighting Solutions. He is married to Donna, and they have five children and three grandchildren. He has served on the board of Heritage Christian School, on the Foundation Boards of Heritage and Covenant Christian High School, and on the Special Education Board twice as President. He also served as an elder at Hudsonville PRC. He has had the privilege of being a Young People’s Society leader for 15 years combined at Grandville PRC and Hudsonville PRC. Presently, he heads the Young Adults’ Society at Hudsonville and has done so for the last seven years. He also had the opportunity to head the Steering Committee when Hudsonville hosted the Young People’s convention at SpringHill Campground. His service commitment has always been to the young people of the church either as society leader or through the various school boards he has served on.
Andrew Veldman is also currently a member at Hudsonville PRC, and he works as an AP Coordinator at Gordon Food Service. He is 26 years old and has been married to Renae Koole for five years. He has two daughters, ages three and one. He is excited about the opportunity of possibly serving on the Federation Board to become more involved with the young people in our churches.
The Board thanks all those who accepted their nominations and expressed their willingness to serve. We ask for your prayers for all these nominees as we wait for voting to take place at the 2018 Protestant Reformed Young People’s Convention at the Lake Geneva Christian Center in Minnesota. We also ask for your prayers for our work and that God will bless our work for the young people of our churches.