Federation Board Update

Greetings from the Federation Board!  It is our duty to report to you, young people of the PRC, regarding who we are and what we do.


Federation Board: Who Are We?

The Federation Board is a 10-member group that works for the Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies.  The president, Brian Feenstra, leads the monthly meetings.  The Vice President, Matthew Deboer, assists the president, leads certain board sponsored activities, and prepares to take over the president’s position the following year.  Joseph Holstege, our treasurer, takes care of all the board’s finances, including convention costs.  Brad Ophoff, our vice treasurer, assists Joseph and prepares to take his position the following year.  Our secretary, Erica Schipper, prepares all the secretarial work, such as agendas and convention binders, and stays in contact with each society.  Lynette Kleyn, our vice secretary, assists Erika and prepares to take her position next year.  Our youth coordinator, Dan VanUffelen, works with the Young Calvinists group to coordinate events for the Young People’s Societies.  We have a librarian, Lydia Koole, who plans mass meetings, and contributes important materials to meetings.  Our spiritual advisors, Rev. C. Haak and Rev. W. Langerak, advise the board in its decisions from their extensive experience.


What Is Our Duty?

Our greatest duty is to serve the young people.  We serve you by uniting all of your individual Young Peoples’ Societies under the Federation Board.  The official link between your Young Peoples Society and another Protestant Reformed Young People’s society is this board.  This link is crucial for the unity of all the Young Peoples’ Societies.  In addition, it is the duty of this board to guide your societies collectively in development of faith and doctrine.


How Do We Carry Out That Duty?

  • Meetings: The Federation Board holds meetings every month to make decisions regarding your societies.
  • Committees: The Federation Board oversees different committees, such as the PR Scholarship Committee. This committee serves all the young people of our churches by providing scholarship opportunities for those who desire to be pastors and teachers in our churches.
  • Events: The Federation Board carries out this calling by planning events for the Young People’s Societies. The Board hosts mass meetings, holds a pre-convention singspiration, and assists in convention planning.  These are ways in which your societies are united by the Federation Board.
  • Publication: The Federation Board also oversees committees such as  Beacon Lights, which is designed to guide your societies in the development of your faith and doctrine.
  • New Events and Publications: In addition, the Federation Board is working with a new group, the Young Calvinists, with the goal of further promoting unity and fostering a godly zeal. You may have heard of the Young Calvinists in the last year.  They maintain a Protestant Reformed blog specifically meant for you, young people.  They also host different events to encourage you to interact with other society members.  These events serve the purpose of both unification and edification.


Your Involvement

Young people, participate in your societies, both in the Bible discussion and in the activities.  Seize this opportunity to grow spiritually.  After all, you will be the next generation of the church.  For the sake of God’s beloved church, participate! You will undoubtedly profit from the Young People’s Society in your church, and in turn you will profit the church.  Make it your goal to both read Beacon Lights and to attend the broader activities sponsored by the Federation Board.  Our work is for you, and you can profit from it only if you participate.

To that end, young people, we welcome your suggestions and ideas.  We would love to know how we can serve you better.  And we covet your prayers.  Pray for us concerning our decisions, brothers and sisters, as even we pray for your spiritual growth.  May God’s name be magnified by us all.