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Federation Board Update

The Federation Board is a group of young people, young adults and adult advisors that works on behalf of the Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies. One of the main purposes of the Federation Board is to coordinate interaction among the societies. Mass meetings, singspirations and also involvement in the publication of the Beacon Lights are some of the undertakings of the Federation Board.

The Federation Board has added some new faces and lost some familiar ones. The members who have faithfully fulfilled their duties and retired are Kevin Gritters (President), Rachel Feenstra (Secretary), Brad Vander Veen (Treasurer), Jim Holstege (Youth Coordinator) and Prof. Barry Gritters (Spiritual Advisor). We would like to sincerely thank them for their services, time, and efforts as they helped all of us perform our duties to the best of our abilities.

The new members voted into the Federation Board to serve two-year terms are Dan Holstege (Vice-President), Rachel Nagelkerke (Vice-Secretary), Eric Gritters (Vice-Treasurer), Greg VanOverloop (Youth Coordinator) and Rev. Rodney Kleyn (Spiritual Advisor).

Dan Holstege attends Southeast Protestant Reformed Church. He is currently taking Pre-seminary classes at Calvin College. He hopes to maintain good organization by being prompt, complete in all our business, frugal and wise in our expenditures and always acting for the best interest of the young people.

Rachel Nagelkerke works as a sales assistant for Miedema Produce in Hudsonville, MI. Her church home is Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church. She is twenty years old and is the oldest of five children in her family. She would like the Federation Board to continue maintaining the spiritual and physical connection of all the young people in the PR churches. She believes the Federation Board is a very essential part of the fellowship of our church’s youth. It does this through conventions, societies and other activities. She would like to see the Federation Board create more contact with the young people in the mission fields and smaller churches who do not have the enjoyment of having many young people to commune with.

Eric Gritters also attends Hudsonville church. He is studying at Grand Rapids Community College for a degree in piano performance. He is engaged to Alicia Spriensma, and is planning to be married on the sixth of January. Eric is looking forward to learning the skills necessary to faithfully perform the tasks set before him by the Federation Board.

Mr. Greg VanOverloop has been working at D&W Foods, a family owned grocery store chain in western Michigan, for twenty-eight years and is currently in the Sales and Marketing of the Grocery Department. He has attended Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church all of his life. His wife’s name is Vicki. They have been married for twenty-five years and have three children and one daughter-in-law. Greg would like to help improve the current convention financial process in the Federation Board. Also, he would like to increase the effectiveness of the Federation constitution.

Our last new member is Rev. Rodney Kleyn. Rev. Kleyn is the minister of Trinity Protestant Reformed Church. Rev. Kleyn grew up in Tasmania, Australia on a dairy farm. He attended a small rural church with very few young people. His wife’s name is Elizabeth and they have been blessed with four young children. Rev. Kleyn believes we have a wonderful treasure in the truth and in our fellow saints. He would like to help the young people appreciate these blessings from God and encourage them to develop godly friendships together. He wants us to see that we are brothers and sisters, co-workers, fellow soldiers and companions on this road of life and that we need to help each other on the way.

The other current members of the Federation Board are Matthew Overway (President), Sarah Koole (Librarian), Sara Huizinga (Secretary), Jeff VanUffelen (Treasurer) and Rev. Ronald VanOverloop (Spiritual Advisor).

The Federation Board asks for your prayers and for God’s blessing upon this work for the covenant youth of the church.