Federation Board Report

It is time once again for your Federation Board to give its annual report concerning its activities.

Among our early activities was the composing of a visitation schedule, which purposed to bring together more often in Christian fellowship the young people of our various churches. We were happy to be able to add the Holland Society to the schedule this year.

A Reformation Mass Meeting was held October 27, 1964 in Southwest Church. Rev. Heys spoke on “Ecumenical Attitudes toward the Reformation”. After refreshments, Miss Karlene Oomkes and Miss Christine Faber showed their slides of Europe.

One of the larger efforts of the board has been in connection with the Study Committee on Goals of Conventions. The report of this committee was printed in Beacon Lights and sent to each society. We are thankful for the response and enthusiasm which was evident in the letters received from the societies.

The board has also been active in the operation of Beacon Lights. This year as involved several new appointments: Darrel Huisken-Editor, replacing Robert Decker; Don Jonker-Finance Manager, replacing Nancy Heemstra; Hilda Grace Meelker-alternate writer for “Critique”; Tim Pipe-Public Relations Staff; Ruth Kuiper-Clerk, replacing Helen Flikkema. Also, for fundraising and promotion, a public relations committee for the Scholarship Fund has been appointed consisting of John Kalsbeek, Carol Van Putten and Randy Meyer. It is our hope and strongest desire that this magazine may continue to satisfy our spiritual thirst, giving positive instruction in our glorious truth.

The annual Spring Banquet was held May 11 at First Church. A large audience enjoyed the speaker, Rev. G. Vos, as he spoke on “Our Ailing Conventions”. He described the disease, diagnosed the cause and prescribed the cure for the ailment. Our thanks to an excellent committee who planning this edifying and entirely worthwhile evening.

The 1965 Protestant Reformed Young People’s Convention will be held in South Holland, Illinois on August 24, 25, 26. The board has been working with the host society on convention details. We have a bus committee at work which will publish information concerning transportation from Grand Rapids to Illinois. Also in connection with the coming convention, the board has drawn up and sent out an agenda.

We are grateful to God who has guided us in our offices this past year. Our prayer is that He may continue to bless us all. We anticipate seeing you all at the 1965 convention.

The Federation Board
Ruth Kuiper, Librarian