Federation Board Nominations

Sara is a member of Hope Protestant Reformed Church and is Vice-Secretary of the Federation Board.

As the convention gets closer, so does the time for new Federation Board members. The new members will be chosen at the upcoming convention by the delegates from each Young People’s Society. The members voted in will assume their positions and begin their duties in 2005.

The nominees for the office of Vice President are Alex Kalsbeek and Daniel Holstege. Alex is 21 years old and a member of Faith Protestant Reformed Church. While going to school at Calvin College, Alex works as a cook at Russ’ Restaurant and also as a wallman. His goal for the Fed Board is to encourage the young people of our congregations to remain in Young People’s longer and to remain active members in our societies.

Daniel Holstege is also 21 years old and attends Calvin College. Dan is a member of Southeast PRC. He would like to bring leadership with spirituality and a good work ethic to the Fed Board. Dan would also like to see the Fed Board branch out and explore new areas and ideas.

The second office is that of Vice Treasurer. Luke Koops and Eric Gritters are the two nominees. Luke is 20 years old and is a full-time student at Grand Valley State University. He attends First Protestant Reformed Church of Holland and would like to see the Fed Board create more opportunities for young people to fellowship with those who are separated by distance, whether this be young people on the mission field or in isolated congregations. Luke would also like to find more occasions for the young people to expand their appreciation for what we have come to believe in the Reformed faith.

Eric Gritters, a member of Hudsonville PRC, is 20 years old and is currently employed by Superior Ground Cover. Eric’s goals are to help the young people become more aware of and more involved in the workings of the Federation Board.

The third office is Vice Secretary. Rachel Nagelkerke and Deborah Key are the two nominees. Rachel is 19 years old and a member of Hudsonville PRC. She currently works as a Sales Assistant at Meidema Produce. Her goal for the Fed Board is to see the members strive to improve the Beacon Lights and to get the young people more involved in their societies and fundraisers for the conventions. By doing so the purpose of the Fed Board, which is aiding the young people in their spiritual growth, would be fulfilled.

Deb is also 19 years old. She is a member of Grandville PRC and is a full-time student at Calvin College. Deb would like the young people themselves to be involved in the actions and decisions of the Federation Board. She would like to see more input and involvement from the society members themselves, and not just from their secretaries and elected office bearers.

Greg VanOverloop and Dave Bouwkamp are nominated for the fourth office, that of Youth Coordinator. Greg is 46 years old and attends Hudsonville PRC. He is currently employed as a Category Manager. Greg’s goals for the Fed Board are to put more of an emphasis on the Fed Board constitution, and he would like to see an increase in communication between the Fed Board and the Young People’s Societies.

Dave is 43 years old and is a member of Faith PRC. He is a bricklayer by trade. Dave’s goal is for the Fed Board to collect and organize, in a convenient format, information that would help Young People’s Societies in planning conventions and fundraising. This would eliminate the chaos of doing everything by “scratch.”

The fifth and final office is Spiritual Advisor. As of right now Rev. Rodney Kleyn is the only nominee. Rev. Kleyn is 30 years old and is the pastor of Trinity PRC. He hopes that the Fed Board can be used to encourage unity and closeness in our churches, through organization of events and activities that bring our young people together.

These are the nominees for the Federation Board offices. Please prayerfully consider who you will be voting for at the upcoming convention.