We as Young People gathered here

Our gratitude is God’s

For all His care and sympathy,

Which gratefully endures.

I’ve tried to use the passing hours,

So they would bring no sigh,

For all the happy days with them,

To whom we now must say, Good-bye.


Dear boys, we shall ne’er forget.

The old days spent with you,

With many a thought of joys gone by,

We sadly say—adieu.

The last few hours are going fast.

Here must we break the tie,

And so it is with sadness now,

Once more we say, Good-bye.


Dear boys, we hope you never may forget,

The Bible you were taught,

We trust the future may perfect,

The work the Church has wrought.

And may they bring good gifts to you,

These years that swiftly fly,

And may you kindly think of those,

Who bid you now Good-bye.


Good-bye, it shall not be the end,

But happy hours are ever short,

We hope again to meet,

And days of youth are fleet,

There is so much to learn and do,

And may our aims be high,

And ever lead to that Bright Land,

Where none shall say, Good-bye.


This piece was given for George Lanting and Arthur Zanstra who left for the Service.  Composed and delivered by Bertha Van Baren at a social of the South Holland Young People’s Society. They requested that it be placed in Beacon Lights.