Faith Among Lions: Daniel and the Lion’s Den

The story of Daniel and the lion’s den is a story with which many of us are familiar. When Daniel was living under the rule of King Darius, the king established a decree saying that no one under his rule could pray to any god except the king. Anybody that disobeyed the decree was to be thrown into a den of lions. Daniel knew about this decree yet he continued to pray to God. Daniel was captured and thrown to the lions where he survived the night.

This story is one that yields a good example of the life of a Christian. Involved in this story are two main aspects of what should be an integral part of every Christian’s life. These two aspects are 1) faith and trust in God, and 2) willingness to do whatever it takes to obey God, even if that means death.

Daniel displays the first aspect admirably. When Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den he believed that he would be safe from all harm. In the passage in Daniel 6 we do not read anything concerning Daniel’s attitude until after he has spent the night with the lions. When morning arrives and the king calls to Daniel, Daniel answers by claiming that God sent an angel and shut the lions’ mouths because he was innocent and had done no evil toward the king. Nowhere does Daniel say that he was unsure whether he would live or die. Daniel displays an attitude of faith and trust that his God would keep him from danger.

Daniel also displays the second aspect necessary in a Christian’s life; that of absolute obedience to God. He does this by continuing to pray in spite of the king’s decree. Daniel shows that prayer is so important to him by praying, and henceforth risking capture and death. When captured, Daniel did not argue, beg, or complain. He calmly accepted his punishment. He was willing to die for his Lord.

As Christians we must strive to be more like Daniel when looking at these aspects of our lives. Daniel’s example is one that we should follow. As Christians we must be zealous in our attempt to have faith as strong as Daniel’s. Daniel also shows us where our priorities ought to be. God is first and we must obey God even if that means disobedience of man’s laws and decrees, leading to punishment. As Christians the ultimate test would be when confronted with death for his belief. We should pray that if confronted with such a test the Lord will make us as strong as Daniel and allow us to go forward with faith.

In this world we, as Christians, are confronted with an abundance of evil. There is such talk in the world about a person’s heroes and role models. Most of the role models seem to come from sports and the entertainment industry. I think that we as Christians often overlook one important producer of role models. As Christians we need to use the Bible to determine our role models and Daniel is an excellent role model for all Christians. In the midst of an evil land, Daniel’s faith and obedience toward God were strong. We should pray that our faith and obedience can become as strong as that of Daniel.