Evangelism Thrust – Are We Called to Serve?

All denominations in the United States and Canada who call themselves Christian can participate. We can now do “mission­ary work” with those who deny the one-for-all completed sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We can now participate with those who openly deny the deity of Christ and the blood of atonement. If we participate with them in any degree we become part of all that is done by every church.

What about the doctrine of predestina­tion? It does not seem to have much importance in the work of evangelism. If each one makes so many converts and this is multiplied, soon we will have a fabulous number. Do you think we can convert those whom God has not chosen? (Rom. 8:30)

Christ’s commission to His Church was not to be “successful” but to be faithful. Faithful in proclaiming the gospel of re­pentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Is the world out there dying to hear of Jesus Christ? No, the world out there is dead in trespasses and sins. None will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ except he that is made alive by the almighty power of the Spirit of God. The rest will remain at enmity with God and His Word.

God’s command to the Church is to preach the Word. What must we preach? That there is no other way of salvation but the way of repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. God will call to repentance and faith all those whom He chose before the foundations of the world.

That absolutely excludes our having part with anyone who proclaims the false gospel of salvation by works!

To ask a Reformed person to sign a pledge to be part of this program is to ask him to deny his public confession and to join hands with all shades of so-called religions.