Eternity (1)

This day again has slipped away,

Into Eternity;

What has it been? What shall I say?

Lord Thou didst care for me!

Thou didst provide my every need

No want I here did know;

This day has passed as Thou decreed;

And thus each day shall go.


Each day, each moment, every hour;

’T is Thine, we know, O Lord;

Grant that our faith so high may tower

That we Thy work record;

Each fleeting moment Thou art near,

Thy faithfulness is sure;

For what may come, we need not fear,

With Thee we feel secure.


No lack shall we experience, for

Time, and all things: are Thine;

Grant us such faith to Thee adore,

To place our hands in Thine;

To trust Thee, knowing, with such peace,

That all is well with Thee;

Wilt Thou each day this faith increase,

To wait alone on Thee.