Eternal Truth

Rationalist logician avers argument powerful
That Christ’s death no substitution signifies.
Futile, worthless logic falls before the Cross:
“We have received the atonement
The Good Shepherd giveth His life for the sheep”—
Doctrines of Grace He proclaims, holding heart and mind
Deep-dyed with crimson stain
To ingrain the wool of the soul.
Where His word is not heard, easily men are swept
Away with every sophic miasma.
Uttered He His truth in voice of Luther and Calvin;
Men thronged them to hear at death’s expense.
Huguenots under mortal ban yet mustered
To sermons of interdicted preachers Reformed.
Geneva sent forth prophets to gather auditors
In fields tinged with martyr’s blood.
Why congregated they so on death’s dark brink?
Never jeopardize men life to meditate mere modern thought!
‘Tis the good way, in the old paths, alight with holy allure
Of election, sovereign, precious, pure—
Redemption which actually redeemed—
Preservation ensuring perseverance to glory eternal—
Truth, which is matter of life and death;
Divine magnet in life; deep comfort in death;
Forms a race of real men receiving a Kingdom
Immovable, in palaces divine
Founded on the Rock.