Energy Crisis

Not a truly unique idea is it? It seems that everything we do is connected with today’s energy crisis. Turn on the radio, read the newspaper, listen to the people around you and everyone you hear has something to say about our lack of energy. My concern has little to do however with petroleum, heat or the electricity problem.

Have you ever considered the fact that the church today faces a real energy crisis? Scripture always is a reminder of the battle for the child of God. Church history also has constantly taught that the church thru the ages has struggled against the powers of darkness.

It seems strange that where battle is raging the soldier has left off his clothing of armour, doesn’t it? But you say the battle has wearied us and our strength is weakening or more boldly we can say that the battle has lessened. Now is the time in history when we can enjoy a bit of the victories won by those who have toiled before us. After all the church has reached a time when her warfare has waned and persecution is a thing of the past. Now is the time to save our energy for the day when real power is necessary. If we relax now we can rest up to be ready to take our weapons when the need becomes ap­parent.

Let us be assured however that the Devil doesn’t wait until we are ready to be armed. He fires us with temptations and allurements when we are the least ready.

Further, if you think for a minute the Church has time to relax today consider a few things that present dangers to you and your young people today. Allow yourself to indulge in literature of any kind and you will learn all about adulterous sex. Sit in front of a television for about two pro­grams and your knowledge of how a thief and murderer operates will increase at a surprising rate. If you let yourself be friends with anyone, you might find your­self agreeing with them that authority of state and government need cleaning up so let’s rebel and picket. The list is endless and you know just how long that list is to you personally.

Since the way of least resistance is always the way nature follows we too find our­selves guilty of relaxation and generally flowing with the line of traffic. In this position we find the least criticism and most companionship.

Obvious enough it is to the child of God that this line of traffic is not on the straight and narrow road, rather a finely decorated and tinseled highway that dis­tracts us from looking further down the road to its utter destruction.

For the most godly person in the world it takes spiritual strength and energy to struggle to keep one’s foot from dancing out of the path and along with the un­restrained steps of the world.

Note that if we exert energy to take up our Bibles and bend our knees in prayer each day we would find a lot more strength within us desiring to fight against our old natures and the world around. Even as an athlete finds himself able to endure and run with daily practice so also our spiritual running becomes easier as with proper spiritual practices we fortify these weakened human natures.