Editor’s Notes

In this issue find an article by Craig Ferguson on the antithesis, or perhaps more accurately, on the practical application of this truth to our lives. Mr. Ferguson submitted his unsolicited article just as I finished planning my series on the antithesis, but before the first article appeared, so he had no idea that we were both writing on the same subject. To avoid duplication, I withheld his article from print for the past eight months. Now with thanks for his patience we present it.


We are also pleased to welcome Prof. David J. Engelsma to Beacon Lights. In this issue is his first in a series of articles on “Christianizing the World.” Five additional articles in this series will run in consecutive months.


Finally, Schuyler makes his debut this month. Let’s do what we can to prevent him from becoming bored. Send your questions to the editor; remember, they must include your name and hopefully some contact information. But only the editor will know your identity: you will remain publicly anonymous.