Editor’s Notes: October 1989

What is becoming increasingly obvious to me about you as young people is that you are willing to make strong statements concerning your reaction to the world of wickedness and concerning your faith in God.

Last year at Covenant High School in Walker, Michigan, Mr. Cal Kalsbeek gave some of you writing assignments for English.  Fortunately for us, Mr. Kalsbeek encouraged some of you to have your papers printed in the Beacon Lights.  Three of those papers will be found in this issue.  They are strong statements about your life as God’s people in a world of corruption.  The shocking and vulgar lyrics quoted from two rocks groups as found in “The Devil’s Influence in Music” written by Jeremy Huizinga, were left in this issue.  These lyrics are offensive to us as God’s people and show clearly why you, your parents, teachers, ministers, and godly friends abhor rock music.

“The ‘Me’ Generation” written by Chad Huber, asks probing questions such as “Is there no hope to live in love and peace with each other again?  What can we do?” Read this article to find out what you can do.

Kristi Moelker wrote a review of Everett Payton’s book “I Won’t Be Crippled When I See Jesus.” Many of us know that this book is of special interest to Kristi because, as she writes, “I also look forward to enjoying this perfection free from any disability when I reach my heavenly home.” In a very real way we all look forward to being in our heavenly home, but God in His wisdom has made some of us to live with disabilities while on this earth to show His grace is sufficient for us.  Kristi’s review may just be the spark of interest you need to buy a new book.

Thank you, Jeremy, Chad, and Kristi for allowing us to print your articles.  Somewhere in the next few issues of the Beacon Lights some of your other classmates’ articles will appear.

Mr. Deane Wassink of Holland’s Young People’s Society sent in the discussion outline on “Christian Rock.” Mr. Wassink states that they spent about six weeks studying and researching the topic, during which time they played tapes of current “Christian” rock groups.  They discussed and had questions the first four weeks and then used the section of “Christian Rock: A Critique from Scripture” the last couple of weeks.  What you read printed in the Beacon Lights is about half of what they did.  Because they had concrete examples, they could apply these discussion outlines to what they had learned.  Perhaps other of our Young People’s Societies will be able to use these outlines.

If other societies have outlines or papers they have used on various topics of interest to our young people, we encourage you to send them to us that others might benefit from your efforts.

Rev. Harbach has finished his articles on baptism.  That means we will continue with where he left off in Hosea.  Of interest to you may be his remarks about Dr. Kurt E. Koch’s book “Christian Counseling and Occultism.” To be sure, Rev. Harbach’s commentary on Hosea 4 will provide you with plenty of thought-provoking material to discuss among your friends.

Mr. Dewey Engelsma of our Hope Protestant Reformed Church in Walker, Michigan has agreed to answer questions that our young people are willing to ask him.  Mr. Engelsma has been an elder for many years and has been deeply involved in the life of our churches.  At times he has been at the same time an elder and a member of a school board. His love for and genuine interest in our young people is abundantly evident in his desire to respond to your questions.  Being the father of twelve children, now all grown up, brings years of experience at answering questions from young people.  Look for his rubric in coming issues!