Editor’s Notes – November 1991

The staff hopes that you enjoy the new cover, size and layout of the Beacon Lights.  These changes have been made after much thought and discussion.  We have consulted our typesetter and printer for their opinions and received their approval for these changes.  Likewise, the Federation Board of Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies has also approved the changes.  We are saving one step in the printing process by having our printer, Mr. Jim Huizinga print the whole cover.  We hope that the changes well serve to encourage Reformed young people to read our publication.

The second of the Young People’s Convention speeches is found in this issue.  Rev. Bruinsma spoke on “Living with a View to the End.”  As Rev. Bruinsma puts it best, “What does ‘considering the toil of an ant’ have to do with living with a view to the end of time?  In light of this, it is our calling in life to be as the ant, that is, to labor and toil to enter into the rest of heaven.”  This excellent speech considers two aspects of living with a view to the end:  living is laboring, and the labors we perform.  Read and enjoy!

“Singing a New Song to Jehovah” reminds us of Psalter number 261 based on Psalm 98:

“Sing a new song to Jehovah

For the wonders He hath wrought

His right hand and arm most holy

Triumph to His cause have brought

In His love and tender mercy

He hath made salvation known,

In the sight of ev’ry nation

He His righteousness hath shown.”

How often do you sing these words and other Psalter numbers during the week?  Rev. Heys encourages us to sing the songs of Zion as young people of God.  The love Rev. Heys has for the Psalter is also shown in his love for the words to the Lord’s Prayer which Rev. Heys put to music and which is now Psalter # 433.

Steve Lotterman takes a close look at being a servant of God.  He answers such questions as:  What images come to mind when you think of servants?  How is it possible for us to serve God?  Can we be content to serve Him simply by doing His will and living as witnesses of His grace?

Thank you, Steve, for giving us the answers to these questions and others in your article you sent to B.L.  We hope Steve’s example will encourage others to write an article for Reformed young people without being asked to write.

Lora gives us the latest in Church News sent to her.  Thank you, Lora, for keeping us abreast of church life.

I found a poem in my files titled “A Pastoral Prayer.”  I am going to attribute this poem to Rev. Harbach, although his name was not on it.