Editor’s Notes – May 1989

I am happy to write that we have received an interesting response to the letter sent to our Young People’s Societies.  From Houston, Texas, Mrs. Virginia Hugg writes,

“I am writing in response to your letter to our Young People’s Society, asking us to send articles or poems to be printed in the Beacon Lights.

“This article is not from the YPS, as such.  Mr. Truett Hugg is our YPS leader.  At our Wednesday night Bible Class, we were asked to write a 2-3 minute presentation on, “What is Christianity?” A Moslem man has been attending our Worship Services and wants to learn about Christianity.  We were all asked to study and be prepared to tell this man, or any unbeliever, what Christianity is…”

Seems to me that would be a worthwhile challenge for our Young People’s Societies to do sometime.  What would you write?  Compare your answer to Mr. Hugg’s presentation which appears later in this issue.  Thank you, Mrs. Hugg, for taking the time to write an interesting letter and to send to us the article and also a poem.

Another reader, Rev. Rawson, from Barnsley, England, writes,

“Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  I have intended writing you for some time to enquire concerning literature published by the Federation of P.R. Young People’s Societies.  The latest Beacon Lights prompts me to get down to this.

“Can you supply (these) if still available?  ‘Leaving Father and Mother’ by Rev. C. Hanko, ‘Reformed Education’ by Rev. D. Engelsma, ‘Christian Liberty’ by Rev. R. C. Harbach, and ‘Implications of Public Confession’ by Abraham Kuyper.

“It was the note concerning this last item that finally spurred me into action.  Several correspondents of late have asked me if the P.R.’s do anything on the subject of Christian Education—hence my intention to write to see if Rev. Engelsma’s book was still available…

“…I continue to enjoy the Beacon Lights magazine.  Perhaps from time to time you should mention the literature that is available from you.”

Rev. Rawson has been distributing our literature for several years, an action which we greatly appreciate.  In answer to his question about availability, we can say, yes, the first three publications mentioned are still available at $1.50 plus postage.  “Implications of Public Confession” will have been typeset by the time you read this issue.  My guess is that it will be finished in the summer.  And as to his suggestion about letting our readers know about our publications from time to time, well, I think we have accomplished that too for this issue and will promote them in future issues.

“Spiritual Apathy of Our Young People” by Bruce Jabaay I hope is not the last article for the B.L. that comes from his encouraging pen.  Bruce reluctantly had to resign as an associate editor because of his busy life.  We will miss his writing and presence at our staff meetings because good writers are not always so easy to replace.  The staff extends our heartfelt thanks to Bruce as he serves God in other capacities.

Rev. Harbach continues his dialog with Pastor and Catechumen on the subject of “Incorporation Into Christ” Romans 6:1-13.  From what Predestinarian viewpoint do we look at Incorporation into Christ?  You will find the answer as you read this interesting article.

I moved the article “An Awesome Warning” by Rev. Heys into this issue even though it was scheduled for next month.  I did that to provide copy for this month since the next issue will include the study outlines for the coming Young People’s Convention held here in Grand Rapids.  Rev. Heys reminds us of the name we have as young people which contains a blessed truth.  And as Rev. Heys will let you know, it is not the title Christian.  Then what is it?  I’m not telling!

Rev. Terpstra reviews the book “Pop Goes the Gospel” by John Blanchard.  Remember though, that Rev. Terpstra wants and needs for you to respond to his book reviews.  Your thoughts are important to him and us.  You don’t have to write an encyclopedia or two, just a page of your precious thought will do.

Make sure you read “What’s Happened” by Ruth Bleyenberg to find out what the steering committee for the convention has been doing and what they plan to do during the convention.  Looks like a super time is being planned.  And of course, catch up on the latest what’s happened in our churches.

Our request for articles to be printed in the Beacon Lights has produced some fruit, but we need more.  The need for more articles is great and we pray that God will provide you young people with the will to write for the Beacon Lights.