Editor’s Notes March 1992

Looking for a new editor-in-chief, D.V. within the next three months. Anyone in the Grand Rapids area who is interested in being the editor of our young people’s magazine can contact me at 896-7715.

The deadline for the writing contest is past. We thank those of you who sent in your articles for the contest. The winners will be notified in April, while our readers, however, will have to wait until the May issue to know who won in each level. Look for the winning articles in future issues.

Prof. Hanko continues his excellent series on the Janssen Controversy. “Chapter V – The Rela­tion Between Common Grace and Janssen’s Views” (2) continues to show how Dr. Janssen connected his views on Scripture with his views on common grace. Janssen’s common grace was basically the second the third points adopted by the Synod of the Christian Reformed Church in 1924.

Letter #16 by Mrs. Brands studies Ecclesi­astes 4:7-12, “The Miser’s Poverty.” Four benefits of working with others applies to our own lives and to the church in a much richer way. Solomon shows the characteristics of the miser and also four benefits that are missing to the miser.

Lori Ellerbroek (nee Bouwkamp), our faithful Church News editor, supplies us with the latest in church news. Congratulations on your recent marriage, Lori! For those of you sending her church bulletins, her new address is: 14320 Pine Creek Drive, Holland, MI 49424.

Angie Schipper, as you will recall, enjoys writing poems. “I Wonder What Today Might Hold” teaches us that our God loves us, He is always near, and keeps His promises. Her poem also teaches us that today may be the last day of our lives.

Rich Peterson, one of our associate editors, provides us with an explanation to Matthew 7:1 “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Many questions could be asked such as the following one. Does God judge us? Does Jesus judge us? Does our fellow Christian judge us? Who judges us? Find out the answer to these questions by reading Rich’s article.

Prof. Engelsma as you know wrote an excel­lent book on Reformed Education. Recently he wrote an article in “Contra Mundum, A Reformed Cultural Review.” He wanted his book reviewed in Contra Mundum, so I sent a copy to the edi­tor, T. E. Wilder, suggesting he review Prof. Engelsma’s book. T. E. Wilder then asked for permission to print the chapter on “Scripture in the Schools” as the lead article in the education issue of Contra Mundum. I agreed to this and Prof. Engelsma revised the second chapter for printing in the review. Perhaps Prof. Engelsma will allow us to print his revised chapter in Per­spectives in Covenant Education? If you want the revised version sooner, then contact Contra Mundum, T. E. Wilder editor, P. O. Box 32652, Fridley MN 55432-0652. Maybe Prof. Engelsma will consider revising the entire book?

Melissa Spidel has taken over the mailing of the Beacon Lights. Melissa is the sister of Melin­da La Count of our Grandville Protestant Reformed Church. She is very organized and caught on very quickly as to the system for han­dling the mailing of our magazine. Thank you, Melissa and welcome to the Beacon Lights.

Allen Brummel, from First Protestant Reformed Church of Edgerton, MN, has agreed to take care of the book orders. Allen is attend­ing our Grandville Protestant Reformed Church with his brother Nathan while both of them go to our Protestant Reformed Seminary. Welcome to the Beacon Lights Allen.