Editor’s Notes June – July 1991

The staff carefully considered two young men, Peter Faber and Steve Lotterman, for the position of editor-in-chief. Both men made a favorable impression on the staff which is why the results of the voting were very close. I am glad to let you know that our new editor-in-chief is Peter Faber, from Southeast Protestant Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI. Welcome to the staff Peter and may the Lord bless you as you take up your new responsibilities. Our read­ers will be looking forward to reading your edi­tor’s notes in the years to come. Steve, we thank you for seeking the position of editor, and hope you will take on your suggestion of endeavoring to obtain new subscribers for the Beacon Lights.

The next bit of news will also be exciting for many people.


Division Winners

3rd Grade: Bethany Joy Haak (Lynden, WA), Denise Joy Noorman (Jenison, MI), Sarah Van Egdom (Doon, IA).

4th Grade: Maria Bodbyl (Grandville, MI), Lois Kuiper, Grand Rapids, MI), Bethany Slopsema (Grand Rapids, MI).

5th Grade: Cory Jay Griess (Loveland, CO), Renae Karsemeyer, (Redlands, CA), Joshua Faber (?).

6th Grade: Jan Huisken (Redlands, CA), Nicole Pastoor (Redlands, CA),

Luke Griess (Ft. Collins, CO).

7th – 8th Grades: Ryan Hanko (Houston, TX), Susan Adams (Lynden, WA), Kristin Brands (Edgerton, MN).

9th – 10th Grades: Susanna Inskeep (Otaki, New Zealand), Jennifer Hanko (Houston, TX).

11th – 12th Grades: Philip Van Baren (South Holland, 1L), Megan Jankovic (West Chicago. IL), Rebecca Hugg (Jenison, MI).

18-22 years old: John Huizenga (?), Tom Bergman (Hudsonville, MI).

23 – open: Connie Meyer (Grand Rapids, MI), Larry Meulenberg (Grand Rapids, MI), Mark Vanden Berg (Zeeland, MI).

Congratulations winners! Thank you for writ­ing. Each of you will not only have your article printed in the B.L. but will also receive a book gift certificate.

There were many excellent entries, especially in the lower grades, which made the judging all the more difficult. Many of the pictures you sent were beautiful. We thank all of you who did par­ticipate in the writing contest and hope that you enter next year’s writing contest as well.

Some of the winning articles from grades 3 – 6 are found in this issue. Bethany Haak (3rd Grade) wrote on The Butterfly, Maria Bodbyl (4th Grade) wrote on the Lamb, Cory Griess (5th Grade) wrote on The Bald Eagle, and Jan Huisken (6th Grade) wrote on The Deer. Enjoy the writings of these young writers. We look for­ward to future installments of the other winning articles.

As you can see, some winners did not include their address and we want to send every winner their gift. So, if you see a (?) after your name, you will need to send your address to our treasurer, Brian Kuiper, 4431 Riverbend Dr., S.W., Grand Rapids, MI 49504. He will send your gift book certificate to you as soon as he has your address.

Rev. Van Baren and Michele Elzinga are our two feature writers for this issue. Rev. Van Baren looks at war from the perspective of “The Four Horseman – And Iraq”. As God’s people, it is important for us to be cognizant of the carrying out of the counsel of our God. Michele Elzinga looks at war from the perspective of having a loved one go off to war. “War: An Unfolding of God’s Plan” shows the great comfort that the Word of God provides us in the time of war. Thank you, Rev. Van Baren and Michele for two important articles concerning our lives and time in which we live.

Rev. John Heys brings us what is now a three-part series on “Drifting With The Wind”. In this installment, Rev. Heys will continue to look at the awful tragedy of drifting away from the truth. The encouragement to fight against Satan in order to keep away from his godlessness and devilish ways is important for any age, young or old.

Bernie Kamps writes about “Aids and The ‘Magic Example.’”  He asks such questions as, “Or have we slowly subconsciously been drawn into the allurement of the world and maybe have made for ourselves examples which are improp­er?” Good question that each of us needs to answer, especially parents with young boys and girls. As Bernie puts it, “Step back and consider, are these men and women who live godlessly good examples for us?”

Lori Ellerbroek supplies us with the latest in church news. Keep sending her your church bul­letins. Her new address is: 14320 Pine Creek Dr., Holland, MI 49424. I thank Lori for her faithfulness in being our Church News editor.

The two outlines for the Young People’s Con­vention are “Stewardship” by Bruce and Anne Miedema, and a reprint of Everett Buiter’s out­line “Christian Courtesy.”

Prof. Hanko’s series on the Janssen Contro­versy, Mrs. Brands series on Ecclesiastes and the series on the Ten Commandments will be continued in the August/September issue.

I have enjoyed being the editor-in-chief for the last eight years, realizing that our God has given me, the staff, the writers, and many other people the grace and strength to provide you each issue. I will miss working with the staff but will now enjoy reading future issues of the Bea­con Lights as a regular subscriber. Hebrews 12:28, “Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear: for our God is a consuming fire.”