Editor’s Notes – June/July 1991

Grand Valley State University is the place to be August 5-9 for a few days of fellowship and fun during the 1991 Young People’s Convention.  You’ll want to be there for the speeches and to discuss the signs of the times and pre-millennialism.

All Reformed young people living in the last times are vitally interested in knowing about the end, living with a view to the end and what it is to experience the end times.  And so the titles for this year’s speeches follow those three ideas.  Rev. VanBaren speaks on “Knowing About the End,” Rev. Bruinsma will present “Living with a View to the End,” and Rev. Dykstra will explain “Experiencing the End.”  Knowing that Reformed young people, children and those older are interested in the last times, this year’s convention is an important one.

Mr. Mitchell Dick, who is now eligible for a call to be a minister in our churches, prepared a thorough discussion outline on what are the signs of the times.  Rev. K. Koole prepares important questions concerning whether we should influence the world in the last times.  If you want to know something about pre-millennialism then you’ll be pleased with Rev. Bekkering’s thorough outline on pre-millennialism—what it is and why it is wrong.  We thank these faithful men who defend the Word of God in these days full of signs of the last times, over against the lies of the Social Gospel, the Redeeming Culture and Pre-millennialism.  With some hard work we will be prepared to increase our knowledge of these current issues.

Bruce Miedema, an enthusiastic member of the staff, wrote an interesting editorial on “The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Baptism and Temptation of the Man Christ Jesus.”  What happened to the man Christ Jesus assures us of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us and of our being able to walk by faith in a world of sin and temptation.

Mr. J. P. de Klerk has provided us with a special article “That Hungarian Girl.”  That actually happened; however, for security reasons (relatives and friends in Communist ruled countries) the names and some minor particulars have been changed.  It is interesting to note that Rev. Woudenberg visited the same area mentioned in the article last year, but was unaware of Sara’s story.  Thank you, Mr. de Klerk, for translating your story into our language.

There is plenty of Church News from many of our churches for you to catch up on.  Thank you, Lora, for faithfully giving us the news each month.

Prof. Hanko’s very important series on the Janssen Controversy, “To Lose the Battle and Win the War” and Carol Brands’ letter #12 on Ecclesiastes will appear in the August-September issue.


In the May article from the department of From the Pastor’s Study:  (1) The Phillips translation of the Lord’s Prayer and of Matthew 7:22 and all through the New Testament uses the pronouns you and your when referring to God.  (2) The Revised Standard Version and the New English Bible use the pronouns thy and thine in the Lord’s Prayer; but in Matthew 7:22 they use the pronoun your, rather than thy.  Thank you, Rev. and Mrs. Heys for this clarification.  We thank God that Rev. Heys has recovered from his difficulties involving his heart medicine.