Editor’s Notes January 1992

Rev. C. Hanko gives us three scripture texts, Genesis 2:7, Psalm 139:14, and Ephesians 2:10, and explains the truth found in them that we are made by God to serve Him. It is my prayer that our young people will understand that part of that calling to serve God also includes support­ing their own magazine by seeking to be part of the Federation Board and the Beacon Lights staff, and also by writing articles for their maga­zine. Look for a new editor-in-chief within the next five months. Although I would like to con­tinue serving God in this capacity, the work as an elder in Grandville Protestant Reformed Church needs more of my time.

The last of the three speeches spoken at last year’s Young People’s Convention is in this issue. Rev. Russ Dykstra spoke on Experiencing the End. He divided his speech into three parts: Experiencing Persecution, Experiencing Victory, and Experiencing Eternity. As Rev. Dykstra puts it in his speech, “First, we think of persecution, the worst that the church has ever faced. Sec­ondly, we will experience the victory of Christ over Satan and this wicked world. Thirdly, we will experience eternity after Christ returns – for us, eternal life, for the wicked, eternal death.” Thank you, Rev. Dykstra for your words of encouragement and wisdom.

Letter #14 by Mrs. Brands studies Ecclesi­astes 4:1-3, which shows us that we have a Comforter when we suffer oppression at the hands of others. Oppression now is to prepare us for oppression in the future such as the church has never seen before.

Our faithful Church News editor, Lora Bouwkamp, supplies us with the latest in the life of our churches. Lora’s faithfulness in giving us the church news is an encouragement to all of us. May God grant us other faithful writers such as Lora.

A year ago, Adams Street Christian School held a writing contest with the theme: Tending this Garden: Earth-keeping as a covenant friend- servant of our Creator God. Jeremy Thole, a ninth grader at the time, won the Jr. High Essay Division. You will find his interesting short arti­cle, “God’s Earth,” in this issue.

Any questions you would like to ask Mr. Dewey Engelsma can be sent to the Beacon Lights P.O. Box 375, Jenison, MI 49428. The staff is thankful for Mr. Engelsma’s sanctified replies to previous questions and we look for­ward to more of his answers.

We hope to continue Prof. Hanko’s excellent series on the Janssen Controversy when he sends us more copy.

Look for the details to the writing contest elsewhere in this issue. The staff has put a lot of work into this and we hope you respond with enthusiasm. We hope this provides the opportu­nity for many of you to write and to keep on writ­ing for the cause of His Kingdom.

We pray for God’s blessing on our young peo­ple, the Federation Board, the Beacon Lights staff, and all of you who support the Beacon Lights in your prayers, gifts, and time. By God giving us His grace and love and by God working in you to support us, the Beacon Lights is able to provide Christian articles for your benefit. May God grant us another year of being a faith­ful witness to His truths

“A soul in silence, or a silent soul! What a blessed gift of grace! . . . They that wait for the Lord shall never by ashamed!”-Rev. Herman Hoeksema