Editor’s Notes February 1992

Look for a new editor-in-chief, D.V., within the next four months. If anyone in the Grand Rapids area has a keen interest in being the editor of our young people’s magazine, then give me a call at 896-7715 and I will be glad to tell you what your tasks will be as the editor. It is not easy for me to relinquish the position of editor- in-chief. One of my joys I will miss will be work­ing with a staff of dedicated young people.

Prof. Hanko continues his excellent series on the Janssen Controversy. He sent me more arti­cles even before he was asked to send more. “Chapter V – The Relation Between Common Grace and Janssen’s Views” proves to be a strik­ing beginning of how Dr. Janssen connected his views on Scripture with his views on common grace. Read on to learn more about the errors of common grace.

Letter #15 by Mrs. Brands studies Ecclesi­astes 4:4-6, which has an interesting title, “Workaholic? Easy-Going? Slouch?” Do you find yourself answering to these questions? You might even see these characteristics in yourself. Mrs. Brands, however, points out that Solomon compares these three characteristics with each other. You’ll enjoy the wisdom of Solomon as he shows us a proper work attitude.

Lora Bouwkamp, our faithful Church News editor, supplies us with the latest in church news. She receives almost every churches’ bul­letins on a regular basis. The staff thanks those who keep Lora supplied with church bulletins.

Angie Schipper enjoys writing poems and I enjoy reading them. If you have a daughter or you are a daughter, you will appreciate in a spe­cial way the sensitivity of this poem. Angie wrote this for her parents but now shares with you the heartfelt contents of “You Hold the Key to My Heart”.

Robert Brands, from Loveland, Colorado, wanted copies of back issues of the Beacon Lights a couple of years ago. I supplied him with what I had available. He still needs the April and May issues of 1942, and the August-September, October, November and December issues of 1944. If any of you want to be relieved of these issues, send them to Robert Brands, 126 E. 23rd St., Loveland, Co 80538. Thank you, Mr. Brands for sending your article on “The Casket”. You have reminded us of the seriousness of living faithfully each day of our lives as we take one step closer to the casket.

Any questions you would like to ask Mr. Dewey Engelsma can be sent to the Beacon Lights P.O. Box 375, Jenison, MI 49428. The staff is thankful for Mr. Engelsma’s sanctified replies to previous questions and we look for­ward to more of his answers.

Have you written your article for the Beacon Lights yet? I’m talking of course about the writ­ing contest, details of which are in this issue. The staff has put a lot of work into this and we hope for an enthusiastic response from you. This provides the opportunity for many of you to begin writing for the cause of His kingdom. The articles are due March 15, 1992. Articles will be returned to authors if they so request.

Many readers are happy about the change to a larger size magazine. Some of these same read­ers bind their copies each year. When we switched to a larger magazine format with the November issue of 1991 this presented a prob­lem for those who bind the B.L. A dear reader suggested this solution to the problem: bind the November and December 1991 issues with this 1992 issues. The staff thanks you for your encouraging comments and for the suggestion.

Joan Hanko has agreed to handle all sub­scriptions to the B.L. on a trial basis. I am glad Joan and her husband Dave show their faithful support to the B.L. by working together on sub­scriptions. If you want, you may send your dues directly to her address as shown on the inside cover page.