Editor’s Notes – December 1991

Look for a new editor-in-chief within the next six months.

“Musing with Molly” is from our writer from “down under,” J.P. de Klerk.  His story of Molly shows us a taste of what Christmas is like in New Zealand.  Christmas in New Zealand is different from a season point of view.  You’ll understand this from what he writes to me.  “Meanwhile we enjoy Springtime over here.  All the fruit trees in the garden have blossomed abundantly, the birds are singing and building their nests, the broad beans and the early cherries will soon be ready for harvesting.”  Thank you, Mr. de Klerk for your story.  We sometimes wish it were a bit warmer here in the Grand Rapids area during the Christmas season.

We don’t often have two stories in an issue.  Mrs. Thelma Westra, our faithful proofreader for many years, submitted “Reality – ? -” which she completed a couple of months ago.  The road that leads home has many stepping stones which teach us to always have our thoughts and desires fixed on the things that are above not on the earth below.  Thank you, Mrs. Westra, for your interesting story that turns our thoughts heavenward no matter what our situation in life is like here below.

Letter #13 by Mrs. Brands is an introduction to chapters 4-6 of Ecclesiastes, which shows us four ways men seek meaning in their labor apart from God.  Thank you, Mrs. Brands, for your letters.

Lora gives us the latest in abundant Church News.  Thank you, Lora, for keeping us abreast of church life.

I have included a couple of short pieces from the very young hearts of Katie Kooienga and Nathan Pastoor which they wrote in school over a year ago.  These are faithful reminders of the importance of Christmas.  Nathan’s appears on the front cover.  Thank you, Katie and Nathan, for bringing to our minds and hearts the Christmas story that we love to read.  And to you, reader, I say that these writings are evidence that the faithful efforts of parents at home and teachers in our schools are truly blessed of God.

This issue also includes two articles that were written for the purpose of obtaining a Protestant Reformed Scholarship that is offered every year.  I thank Daniel Kleyn and Alison Huisken for their articles concerning the Old Paths and The Christian’s Peace.  May these articles not only serve to encourage us to keep the old paths, but also encourage you young people to apply for the scholarships when they become available.