Editor’s Notes April 1992

We are looking for a new editor-in-chief, D.V., within the next two months. A couple of people are considering this important work. I hope to be able to introduce your new editor-in-chief in the next issue.

In case you missed it in the last issue, you will have to wait until the May issue to know who won in each level of the writing contest. The winners will be notified in April. Look for the winning articles in future issues.

Does the following statement shock you? “. . . Abraham could borrow his idea of immortality from the heathen and that Israel could borrow its idea of the resurrection and eternal life from the pagans because God had preserved these ideas in heathen peoples by common grace.” Who would even suggest such a thought. Read Prof. Hanko’s excellent series on the Janssen Controversy. “Chapter V – The Relation Between Common Grace and Janssen’s Views” (3). Seven­ty years later Janssen’s teachings are still being taught.

Letter #17 by Mrs. Brands studies Ecclesi­astes 4:13-16. “Popularity and High Office.” How many times have you seen a person rise to popu­larity for a few years only to be forgotten in future years? Mrs. Brands points out that our goal is not popularity but humility before God, not to please men or get their approval but to know the approval of our Father in heaven.

“Who Am I?” a poem by Angie Schipper is very appropriate for this time of year when God’s people in a special way remember the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you, Angie, for your thoughtful poem.

The unfinished series started about four years ago on the ten commandments will begin again with this issue. In this issue, we will reprint Rev. M. Joostens’ introduction to this series, along with the first commandment writ­ten by Rev. B. Woudenberg. I wish to thank those writers who provided their articles for this series a couple of years ago. You have been very patient with me and I apologize for the delay in printing your articles.



The Beacon Lights Staff and the Federation Board of Protestant Reformed Young People Soci­eties expresses their deepest Christian sympathy to our typesetter, Jim Van Overloop and his fam­ily in the sudden death of his wife and their mother, Linda. May they continue to experience the Lord’s sustaining grace and the comfort of His Word in Psalm 135:5, 6 “I know that the Lord is great, and that our Lord is above all gods. Whatsoever the Lord pleased, that did he in heaven, and in earth, in the seas, and all deep places.”


My Father! what am I, that all

Thy mercies sweet like sunlight fall

So constant o’er my way?

That Thy great love should shelter me,

And guide my steps so tenderly

 Through every changing day?

                                –Standard Bearer, November 15, 1936