Editor’s Notes: April 1990

Prof. H. Hanko continues his series of articles prepared for his formal thesis about the history of the Janssen Case.  Studying these articles has shown how our God has brought to existence our own Protestant Reformed Churches.  In this issue you will find out what the Synod of 1922 decided in regards to the teachings of Prof. Janssen.  This decision did not quell the uproar in the church.  We are thankful that Prof. Hanko willingly writes for our young people.

What would you do if you confronted a person who was an Epicurean or a Stoick?  Perhaps if we substituted the titles Secular Humanist or a New Ager would you still know what to do?  Bruce Miedema guides us through a concise explanation of these two groups and provides helpful insights that will open the eyes of our minds so that we will be able to “Understand the truth and understand the times.”

Mrs. Carol Brands brings us another article from her series, “Letters to a Young Friend on the Book of Ecclesiastes.”  In this fourth letter Carol has prepared a very helpful outline of Ecclesiastes that will be useful for anyone who wants to know the basic teachings found in this book.  A good outline of a book of the Bible is often the key to keeping the main thought of the book in perspective.

The untitled articles by Len Holstege and Judy Hoven are written in response to the question asked by the Protestant Reformed Scholarship Fund Committee.  Len and Judy wrote about how we are to live as leaders, either as a minister or as a teacher.  There are several more articles written by other future ministers and teachers that will be installed in later issues.  From writer to writer, I was amazed at the understanding that these young people already possessed as to what it is to be a minister or a teacher.  That can only be because God has used humble means to instruct them in this knowledge and given to us the knowledge of the Leader of Leaders, Jesus Christ our Prophet, Priest and King.  You will find an announcement from the Protestant Reformed Scholarship Fund Committee about this year’s applications elsewhere in this issue.

“Love Shown in Friendship” by Becky Lotterman brings to mind the greatest love shown to us when God gave His Son to die for us.  A definition of friendship might be “…the Covenant of Grace which God shares with His people in love through Christ.  We are called as Christians to pattern our friendships after this one perfect friendship.”  Although Becky doesn’t write an article with an Easter emphasis, she does bring out this thought especially with the quote from John 15:13, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

April showers bring what?  You guessed it.  “May flowers.”  Emily Eldersveld writes about what these words mean to her as one of God’s people looking at the spring season through the eyes of faith.  Thanks, Emily, for providing me again and all our readers with a godly piece of writing.  I have grown to appreciate Emily’s writing not only because she writes good stuff but because she was a student of mine at one time.

Doug Dykstra has been our faithful treasurer for the last few years.  His expert work in keeping the books and providing us financial leadership has been a blessing to the Beacon Lights.  We are sorry to see him give up this work because of the pressures of other work.  You should also realize that he has taken care of the mailing of our young people’s magazine.  We thank you, Doug, for many hours of faithful labor and pray that God’s richest blessings will be upon you.  We are looking for a new treasurer and hope to be able to announce a new one to you in our next issue.

Look for other changes in the Beacon Lights, not only the change in cover designs, but also in new type and page layout.  We recently approved the purchase of typesetting equipment to replace the older equipment that our typesetter, Mr. Jim Van Overloop has used over the past several years.  Out of a love for the Beacon Lights and our young people, Jim purchased typesetting equipment out of his own pocket several years back.  Since then he has faithfully typeset each issue.  In appreciation for his generosity and the desire to make it easier to typeset the Beacon Lights with different type styles, we have purchased new equipment for Jim to use.

Our printer, Mr. Jim Huizinga and those who help him, also deserve many words of thanks and appreciation for their Christian love shown to us for many years.  It is a true fact that we will never know the many faithful hours of labor that Jim has put into printing this magazine and at a very modest cost to us.  We look forward to seeing Jim print the Beacon Lights for many years to come.

It is because of godly men such as Jim Huizinga and Jim Van Overloop and many others that we thank God for caring for us and being faithful in providing us these workers in His vineyard who show His love by the way that they give themselves willingly to the cause of God’s kingdom.