Editor’s Notes

In this issue Beacon Lights begins a series of five (maybe six) articles on the subject of dating. They are written in the form of letters, two each by Lisa DeBoer and Nathan Lanning. The first two, one by each author, are addressed to young people who are dating; the next two, also one by each author, are written to those who are not dating; and the fifth, by Becca Joostens, deals with the subject of single life. All of them are very practical. We hope that they will be valuable to our youth.

Also, a comment regarding the article on the Namibian manifestation of the universal church. It is lengthy. Usually we would divide such an article. But because it is cohesive, we found it difficult to break it into two parts, and therefore have decided to run it in its entirety. The reader will be interested to know that the author’s first language is not English, but Afrikaans (a language closely related to Dutch). She has done a fine job in her second language! Perhaps I can be charged with being slightly biased in my opinion because my wife and I have been privileged to travel to Namibia, to meet and become friends with the people named in this article, and to learn firsthand something of their lives. I plead guilty to the charge.