Editor’s Notes

Some months ago Prof. David Engelsma preached a sermon in a number of the Grand Rapids area congregations on two verses buried in the genealogies in 1 Chronicles. This obscure passage formed the basis of an eminently practical sermon for all the hearers, but particularly for the covenant young people. Beacon Lights requested that he put the sermon into written form for the benefit of the young people throughout the denomination, and he has acceded to that request.

Having heard the sermon and having read it in its written form, I decided that it deserved a place of prominence in the magazine. Therefore it appears as a guest editorial in this issue.

Young people, read it and take it to heart!


In this issue we begin a temporary rubric called “The Universal Church.” This will be a short series of articles about groups and congregations in unlikely and far-flung places who hold to the doctrines of grace and who are in basic agreement with us regarding the Reformed faith. These articles are appropriate for you, young people, because you are the church of tomorrow. Assuming that these contacts continue—and that new ones are made—you are the ones who will be dealing with God’s scattered people. Besides, the articles give us a fascinating glimpse of the lives of these believers, which is often difficult. After you read them, I hope you are thankful for the many blessings we enjoy.