Editor’s Notes

Recently we increased the size of Beacon Lights from 24 pages to 28 pages. Now the staff is pleased to announce another enhancement to the magazine. At our June meeting we decided to increase the number of yearly publications from the current 11 issues to 12 issues. No longer will there be a combined August-September issue; from now on there will be an August and a September issue. No current staff member knows why these issues were combined. In fact, some research by staff member Alex Thompson revealed that over the years the number of issues has varied between 10 and 12. The staff sees no good reason not to publish once a month. We have the necessary copy, and we have willing writers. We take this opportunity to thank all those who have written for Beacon Lights, and we encourage all those who are so inclined to continue to supply us with good articles.

A note regarding our near-term plans. Normally October would be the annual convention issue, but this year the convention issue will be postponed until November. The reason is that October marks the 450th anniversary of the Heidelberg Catechism, and we plan to devote the entire issue to this subject.

Perhaps the best news is that there will be no increase in our subscription price, so you will be getting more bang for your buck. The magazine is financially sound, thanks to church collections and donations in addition to subscription income. We thank all those who have helped us financially so that we can continue to furnish our young people with a solidly Reformed magazine. We covet your continued support and prayers.

In this issue begins a series of articles entitled “Called to the Ministry.” As the name indicates, the articles will describe the varied paths to the ministry that our younger ministers have taken. Varied these paths were. Having read a number of these articles, I am amazed at the widely differing routes these men took to the same destination. See if you agree as you read these interesting articles.