Editor’s Notes

We all know by now that the Roman Catholic Church has elected a new pope, Francis I, from Argentina. For the first time in hundreds of years a cardinal from Latin America has been chosen to lead the church. This almost makes one wonder whether the Roman church was listening to Wesley Granberg-Michaelson, its Reformed advisor, and decided to follow his counsel (see the April 2013 editorial). But the church has still done nothing but trade one antichrist for another.


Some time ago Mr. Tom Cammenga wrote a series of fiction articles that appeared in Beacon Lights. The first article was entitled “The Gift,” which was followed by a number of articles that developed the story contained in the initial article. After a hiatus, he has again taken up his pen to continue his series. Beacon Lights is pleased to announce the publication of all previous articles, together with future articles he is writing. An article will appear approximately every two weeks on our website ( For some good Christian fiction, check this out.


In this issue we present the three top rated essays from the 2012 scholarship competition sponsored by the Protestant Reformed Scholarship Fund, a function of the Federation of Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies. The articles in this competition are written by future teachers and ministers, and are well worth your reading.


I have saved the best news for last. We are pleased to announce that Beacon Lights is expanding. For some time it has been twenty-four pages in length. Starting in this issue, it will increase to twenty-eight pages. A couple of factors influenced this decision on the part of the staff. One is that we are receiving good articles at a sufficient rate to necessitate this expansion. We thank those who have written for the magazine, and encourage others to write as they are motivated. The other reason is that we have some projects in the planning stages, and they will require increased space as they come to fruition. Still more good news: The subscription price will stay the same. Today it seems as if we are paying more and getting less for just about everything. Beacon Lights is bucking that trend, giving our readers more for their money. We think it’s hard to argue with that!