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Editor’s Note

As our regular readers know, Beacon Lights has recently sponsored a writing contest. The intent was to encourage our readers to think, as well as to develop their writing skills. The entries have been received and judged, and the winning essays are published in this issue.

We received disappointingly few entries in three of the four categories—high school age, college age, and post-college adults.

The junior high category, however, produced very positive results, due mainly to the encouragement of a couple of our Christian schools. We received sixty entries at the junior high level. This produced a pleasant but thorny problem, there were so many good articles that it was difficult to choose a winner from all the submissions. Therefore, we decided to print what the judges considered to be the three best.

Beacon Lights thanks all those who took the time and put forth the effort to participate in this contest. We hope that our readers will benefit from the thoughts contained in these essays.