Editor’s Note

How is your prayer life, young person? I do not need to limit that question to the young reader of this magazine. What child of God looks back over their life and declares, “my prayer life has been everything it should be.”?
A friend of Beacon Lights suggested that we have articles in each issue focused in some way on the topic of prayer. This struck us as an excellent suggestion. How many of us have read a book devoted to prayer, for example, Praying the Bible by Donald Whitney, been filled with resolve to implement this in our life of prayer, only to realize in a few short months that the commitment did not last? The hope is that by having something on prayer in each issue, perhaps a book review or special article—and maybe at some point an entire issue devoted to it—so that the instruction will saturate our minds and will be a blessing to the reader in this vitally important area of their life. This started in the March issue with the article by Rev. Bleyenberg on the importance of prayer while dating. Rev. Jonathan Langerak continues the theme with an article on the importance of prayer in the life of a married couple.
Do you have a contribution that could be made regarding prayer? Please consider submitting an article or book review.
The articles by Rev. Brummel and Rev. Laning that appear in this issue will be continued and concluded in the May issue, D.V.
Do you have a question that has been plaguing you? Consider posing the question to Schuyler so the answer can benefit all of the Beacon Lights readership!
The Beacon Lights staff would like to hear from its readers. What areas of the Christian life would you like us to focus on next? Do you like the “theme” idea that we have been developing over the last year? This is your magazine, and we would love to hear from you.