Editor’s Note

Each article, with the exception of the editorial, looks at one head, or chapter, of the Canons of Dordt and applies its truth to the life of the child of God. What a shame if we think because the Canons are doctrinal they are not practical. An even greater shame would be if we lose the Canons through neglect, afraid or put-off by the doctrinal approach. The cruel irony would be that in our desire to shed ourselves of doctrine, we would lose our godly walk as well.
The editorial gives a number of quotations, all of them from the Canons. I have not referenced them because I felt it would make the article cumbersome to read. I can supply them to anyone who is interested, but better yet, read the Canons for yourself. Perhaps many of you have not read them through before. Break up one chapter and read it over the course of a month. Take out your journal and write down your own thoughts on the article and find Bible verses to support it. David wrote that the child of God meditates on God’s word, “day and night.” This is another way to (re)start your devotional life if it has been lacking or nonexistent.
The Reformed Free Publishing Association (RFPA) has a new book on the Canons of Dordt by Rev. McGeown titled Grace and Assurance: The Message of The Canons of Dordt (see advertisement at the back of this issue). As anyone who has read Called to Watch for Christ’s Return by Rev. McGeown, this new work promises to be an excellent volume. What a worthy addition this book would be to your library to stand next to Voice of Our Fathers, the commentary by Homer Hoeksema!
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