Rev. Robert Harbach, minister of the Protestant Reformed Church of Lynden, Washington, has consented to assume editorship of the rubric, Truth vs. Error, previously authored by Rev. Gerald Vanden Berg.

The Federation Board welcomes Rev. Harbach to Beacon Lights staff and assures him of their interest in forthcoming articles.

With this issue, Beacon Lights loses the services of its Editor-in-Chief, Chuck Westra. Beacon Lights will keenly feel the loss of this capable organizer and thought-provoking writer. Some consolation can be taken in the fact that Beacon Lights’ loss is the gain of our Southeast Young People’s Society. Having added the leadership of this Society to an already busy schedule, Mr. Westra felt it necessary to resign from Beacon Lights.

The Federation Board and the Staff of Beacon Lights thank Mr. Westra for his past efforts and extend best wishes to him in his continued work with our young people.

Originally Published in:

Vol. 19 No. 8 December 1959