This age, in which man attempts to commercialize and corrupt all that is holy and godly, is nonetheless the age in which you, the youth of our churches, are called to be saints of God, vessels chosen unto His honor and endless glory.  Pointedly, this is of keen interest to you as youth of His covenant, who, though young, nevertheless witness and perceive the atrocious carnality and wicked rebellion exhibited by Satan and all his hosts.  Notice please, that you witness, not only, but also PERCEIVE the nefarious endeavors of Satan and his entire host of ungodly cohorts.  You DO!  For you too are His chosen in the Son.  You too are called.  You likewise are the recipients of His grace and Spirit, evidenced in conversion and possession of sanctified hearts and minds.  And, hence, you too begin to discern the spiritual from the carnal, the truth from the lie, consecration from desecration.

You do well to note of this mentioned above.  Momentous basis for continued thanksgiving, isn’t it?  Very significant, as well, when you see that such condition will unquestionably be reflected in your spiritual attitudes and reactions toward all things.  A child of the Kingdom of Light will react as a subject of that Kingdom, and not as he who revels in the kingdom of darkness!  That first of all.  No less true and significant is the resultant portion of those who, with you, are called by the name of Christ.  As Christians, especially as Christian youth, you must, according to His own forewarning, expect to receive the billows of scorn, derision, oppression and persecution of His adversaries.  This is your portion:  “hated of all men for my name’s sake” (Matt. 10:22a).  This is also the case, dear young people, as you find yourselves traveling day by day through the “special” days observed by the Church each year.  Have regard for the day in the Scripturally-correct sense, and you will be labelled as “too pious,” narrow, outdated.  Just remember, in passing, that they make the same remarks about those versions of the Scriptures which do not de-throne the Almighty Sovereign of all in order that man himself may be exalted (see recent, timely articles in both The Standard Bearer and Beacon Lights; and note, too the response of some “foreign” clergy to said articles!)

The world endeavors to deny God in a multiplicity of ways.  It tries brazenly or craftily to do so.  Point is, do you perceive the endeavors for what they are?  For example, you see a slogan in this present season, in which we are concerned with the celebration of our Lord’s birth, such as this:  “Put Christ Back Into Christmas.”  This was brought strikingly to mind this past week as it was emblazoned across the entire front of a dry cleaning establishment here in the Chicago area.  What a thing, you say, for the world to take up and make known!  For what reason should they take up the name of our Lord, and point out to the passers-by that there is something amiss in the trend of the celebration in this season?  They, who have no concern for that which is holy, for that which is according to His Word, for that which is spiritual, are concerned with and strive for a “proper” celebration of this day?  No, indeed.

Yet, this somehow leaves the impression that, if it is not correct that the ungodly should take up and utter this slogan, it might be quite proper that the child of God give voice in heart and word to such a plea.  Yet, you sense immediately that there is in this slogan an element that is entirely false and dishonoring to our God, do you not?

This plea assumes a lie.  And therefore, it becomes obvious that this phrase is not properly found upon our lips, as pious as it may sound.  That lie mentioned is this:  Christ is not in Christmas.  That, young people of the Church of Christ Jesus, is the lie.  Regard it as such.  Still more.  That is the lie that is brought forth by the evil, unquenched desire in the heart of the wicked.  This is the desire of their rebellious minds.  What would be more pleasing for them than to know that the Christ of God is really out of Christmas?  Then at last God would be the liar, and the serpent would not have bruised the heel, but destroyed the Seed Himself.  Dangerous slogans?  More than that.  Abominations and lies!  Nothing more than continued distortions of the beautiful, yet simple TRUTH of His Word.

But you as covenant youth perceive, do you not?  The CHURCH only has Christmas…and rest assured that its Head, Jesus as the Christ, IS in it.  None other have Christmas.  None other have Christ.

Does it appear sometimes that this is not so?  Let this be asked:  Where is Christ in all the spheres of worldly politics, labor, education, amusements, “religions,”…. in any of their spheres?  Where is He?  Scripture tells us that He is not in all their thoughts.

Yet He is present.  To be sure, He is not there as the blessed portion of their souls and longing hearts.  But He is there as the supreme, sovereign Ruler of all the complex society and interactions in the world.  And that you perceive by His grace, too, don’t you?  In that knowledge and showered with abundant grace you are fortified to fight the fight of faith as the despised, scorned and ridiculed youth of His Church.